WATCH | European Space Agency and NASA to fight dangerous Earth-bound asteroids

2019-09-06 16:33

NASA and ESA team up for mission to deflect dangerous Earth-bound asteroids.

Satellite images show extent of air pollution worldwide

2017-12-01 18:33

Images taken by a new European satellite show the levels and distribution of common air pollutants around the world, including ash spewing from a volcano in Indonesia.

The last thing comet probe Rosetta saw

2017-09-29 08:08

Robotic comet explorer Rosetta has sent home a last-gasp photo of her target's rocky facade before crashing into its surface to end a 12-year deep-space odyssey, ground controllers say.

Asteroid to pass between Earth, Moon

2017-08-10 21:54

A house-sized asteroid will shave past our planet on October 12, far inside the Moon's orbit but without posing any threat.

Russian, French astronauts return from ISS

2017-06-02 20:19

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet and Russian cosmonaut Oleg Novitskiy have ended their marathon 196-day mission to the International Space Station.

Space debris problem getting worse, say scientists

2017-04-18 22:05

Scientists have sounded the alarm over the problems posed to space missions from orbital junk - the accumulating debris from mankind's six-decade exploration of the cosmos.

PICS: Glimpses of a 'star factory' at work in the Milky Way

2017-01-04 13:28

The European Space Agency has released stunning images of baby stars taking shape inside the Milky Way's Orion nebula.

Unresponsive Schiaparelli could spell another failed Mars landing

2016-10-20 15:24

Mission controllers have been in the dark about the fate of a tiny European craft despatched to Mars as a trial run for a rover to follow in a quest for life on the Red Planet.

Rosetta: The end of a fairytale

2016-09-30 20:06

The European Space Agency has bid a poignant farewell to intrepid space explorers Philae and Rosetta, brought to "life" as loveable cartoon characters that it has had to abandon on a cold, dark comet surface.

Orbiter spots missing comet lander Philae

2016-09-05 22:18

Cameras on board Europe's comet orbiter Rosetta have spotted the tiny lander Philae for the first time since its crash-landing in November 2014, the European Space Agency has said.


Successful launch for satellite heading to study Mercury

2018-10-24 05:39

Airbus is celebrating the successful launch of the BepiColombo spacecraft heading to the planet Mercury.

Moon village the first stop to Mars: ESA

2017-09-29 13:29

Setting up a permanent village on the moon is the first step towards exploring Mars, the European Space Agency has said, as plans to reach and colonise the Red Planet gathered pace.

Cassini readies for Saturn 'goodbye kiss'

2017-09-14 10:45

Nasa's Cassini probe is counting its final hours before one last plunge into Saturn that will cap a fruitful 13-year mission that greatly expanded knowledge about the gaseous giant.

Europe OKs project to seek alien life

2017-06-22 12:34

Europe has approved the launch of a deep-space observatory to sniff out habitable planets in other star systems, along with any life forms they may host.

Cassini survives dive through Saturn's rings

2017-04-27 19:01

The NASA spacecraft Cassini has survived its plunge between the rings of Saturn and, after briefly going dark for the flyby, is communicating again.

Spacewalk - Space Station getting new batteries

2017-01-13 16:06

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet has floated into space on his first-ever spacewalk on a mission to help upgrade the power system outside the International Space Station.

Missing European craft 'crashed' into Mars

2016-10-21 22:28

A tiny European craft despatched to Mars for a trial touchdown "crashed" into pieces on the Red Planet's surface instead.

All set for Mars tryst

2016-10-18 18:01

Europe is poised to place a paddling pool-sized lander on Mars and a gas-sniffing craft in its orbit as part of a mission with Russia to scour the Red Planet for signs of life.

More than a billion stars mapped in Milky Way

2016-09-14 23:15

The Gaia space probe has mapped more than a billion stars in the Milky Way, vastly expanding the inventory of known stars in our galaxy, the European Space Agency says.

Goodbye Philae: Earth severs link with silent comet probe

2016-07-27 16:23

Ground controllers have bid a final farewell to robot lab Philae, cutting communications after a year-long silence with the tiny probe hurtling through space on the surface of a comet.

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