Pollution over China drops during coronavirus shutdown, NASA images shows

2020-03-02 21:05

NASA satellite images show a dramatic fall in pollution over China that is "partly related" to the economic slowdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, the space agency said.

Peering at the sun: Solar Orbiter probe launches

2020-02-12 05:50

In less than two years, scientists expect to receive the first-ever images of, and data about, the sun's poles.

NASA planet hunter finds Earth-sized world in 'Goldilocks zone'

2020-01-07 08:53

NASA says that its planet hunter satellite TESS had discovered an Earth-sized world within the habitable range of its star, which could allow the presence of liquid water.

SEE | A first for NASA as spacewalk conducted by two women

2019-10-18 16:15

US astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir became the first all-female pairing to carry out a spacewalk, following a spacesuit flub earlier this year that caused the historic mission to be aborted.

WATCH: 'Space is hard' - Musk defends NASA capsule delay

2019-10-11 10:18

The head of NASA says its commercial crew program to launch astronauts to the International Space Station using Elon Musk's delayed SpaceX capsules is a top priority for the space agency.

WATCH | Awesome event as Black hole rips apart doomed star

2019-09-30 08:38

Scientists have captured a view of a colossal black hole violently ripping apart a doomed star. WATCH NOW.

WATCH | European Space Agency and NASA to fight dangerous Earth-bound asteroids

2019-09-06 16:33

NASA and ESA team up for mission to deflect dangerous Earth-bound asteroids.

Spacecraft carrying Russian humanoid robot docks at ISS

2019-08-27 10:40

An unmanned spacecraft carrying Russia's first humanoid robot to be sent into orbit successfully docked at the International Space Station, following a failed attempt over the weekend, Moscow's space agency said.

The death of Neil Armstrong and a $6 million secret

2019-07-26 06:32

When Neil Armstrong died in 2012, it was officially put down to complications arising from heart surgery. But seven years on, more murky circumstances have come to light.

WATCH | Half a century on, moon landing conspiracy theories persist

2019-07-19 11:32

As the 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking Apollo 11 mission nears, the question that has excited conspiracy theorists for half a century is still there: Did humans actually set foot on the moon?


Katherine Johnson, black Nasa mathematician, dies at 101

2020-02-24 20:00

Katherine Johnson, a ground-breaking black Nasa mathematician whose life was portrayed in the movie "Hidden Figures," has died aged 101, the space agency says.

US astronaut returns to Earth after longest mission by woman

2020-02-06 18:07

NASA's Christina Koch returned to Earth safely on Thursday after shattering the spaceflight record for female astronauts with a stay of almost 11 months aboard the International Space Station.

History-making female duo set sights on Moon

2019-10-22 12:57

What's even better than venturing out into the vacuum of space? Landing on the Moon, according to US astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir, the first all-female duo to conduct a spacewalk.

WATCH | 'Space is hard' - Musk on SpaceX, NASA mission delay

2019-10-11 10:53

SpaceX could launch US astronauts to the International Space Station as early as next year if tests on the company's long-delayed Crew Dragon capsule prove conclusive, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine says.

TIMELAPSE | 35 years of Arctic thaw in over 2 minutes

2019-10-02 19:11

NASA's scientific visualisation study has updated its animation to show not only how Arctic sea ice has less surface; It is also getting thinner.

Brexit 'walk in the park' | Pelosi slams Trump over 'cover-up': WATCH the top world news videos for today

2019-09-27 05:45

Brexit negotiations are a 'walk in the park', claims Dominic Cummings | Pelosi accuses Trump of 'cover up' in Ukraine scandal; here are the top world news videos for today. WATCH.

WATCH | High above Greenland glaciers, NASA looks into melting ocean ice

2019-08-27 19:37

Skimming low over the gleaming white glaciers on Greenland's coast in a modified 1940s plane, three NASA scientists, led by an Elvis-impersonating oceanographer, waited to drop a probe into the water beneath them.

NASA investigating first crime committed in space: report

2019-08-25 07:38

US space agency NASA is investigating what may be the first crime committed in outer space, The New York Times reported Saturday.

'World in my window' - Apollo went to Moon so we could see Earth

2019-07-21 09:00

On their journey to the Moon, the Apollo 11 crew had to rotate their spaceship so that one side didn't "barbecue" in the Sun while the other froze - meaning they couldn't see their destination until they were almost upon it.

WATCH: NASA to explore a mysterious, metallic asteroid

2019-07-14 12:48

NASA is readying for a mission that will launch in 2022 to explore the metal asteroid Psyche.

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