Scientists grow lenses from stem cells

2016-03-10 20:56

People suffering vision loss may one day have new corneas and lenses grown from their own cells.

Health monitors will use sweat

2016-01-27 22:06

Wristbands which track the number of steps you take, how many calories you burn and how fast your heart beats have become so popular they are now part of many a smartphone contract.

Prehistoric 'furball' had itchy skin disease

2015-10-15 07:24

A rat-like critter that scampered between the feet of dinosaurs grew hair like modern mammals and probably had the same itchy ringworm afflicting pets and people today.

Earth has three trillion trees

2015-09-02 22:08

There are about three trillion trees on Earth, roughly 422 for every person and eight times more than previously estimated, researchers say.

Why do men exist?

2015-05-18 21:02

Since in many species, sperm is males' only contribution to reproduction, biologists have long puzzled about why evolutionary selection, known for its ruthless efficiency, allows them to exist.

Ancient arthropod a gentle giant

2015-03-11 21:23

It was Earth's largest animal at the time, at least double the size of anything else.

Gibbons are last ape to have genome revealed

2014-09-10 21:10

Gibbons - the small, long-armed tree swingers that inhabit the dense tropical forests of Southeast Asia - have become the last of the planet's apes to have their genetic secrets revealed.

It's a solid... it's a liquid... it's a dropleton

2014-02-26 22:29

Scientists have discovered a new type of microscopic particle cluster that is found in solid materials but strangely behaves like a liquid.

Bumblebees getting stung

2014-02-20 16:32

Wild bumblebees worldwide are in trouble, contracting diseases from their commercialised honeybee cousins.

Speech requires both sides of brain

2014-01-17 07:21

Humans need both sides of their brain for speech, according to a study that could rewrite therapy for people verbally impaired by a stroke.


Acidic oceans stifling coral growth

2016-02-24 22:55

Scientists have unveiled the first smoking-gun evidence that growing ocean acidity caused by global warming is already stifling growth of vital coral reefs.

Developing countries bear brunt of nitrogen pollution: study

2016-01-26 05:37

The production of goods for consumers in rich nations leaves a deep footprint in the form of potentially-dangerous nitrogen pollution in developing countries.

Modern humans out of Africa sooner than thought

2015-10-14 22:29

Human teeth discovered in southern China provide evidence that our species left the African continent up to 70 000 years earlier than prevailing theories suggest.

Jawbone sheds light on interbreeding

2015-06-22 21:33

For people around the world, except sub-Saharan Africans, about 1 to 3% of their DNA comes from Neanderthals.

Halt human embryo experiments - scientists

2015-03-12 21:08

With rumours that scientists are about to announce they have modified the genes of human eggs, sperm, or embryos, five prominent researchers have called on biologists to halt such experiments.

Natural gas surge won't slow global warming

2014-10-16 05:00

Using more cheap natural gas in future decades won't slow global warming a new study projects.

Few as tough as Antarctic midge

2014-08-12 21:27

Antarctica's only native insect, a minuscule midge, may rely on a no-frills genome to survive being frozen, dehydrated and blasted with radiation in an ultra-tough environment.

Wind farms can change the wind

2014-02-26 20:40

Huge offshore wind farms can protect vulnerable coastal cities against devastating cyclones like Katrina and Sandy by tempering winds and ocean surges before they reach land.

Chemists unveil 'water-jet' printer

2014-01-28 21:08

Like any ordinary printer, this machine ingests a blank page and spits it out covered in print, without ink.

Antarctic glacier beyond point of no return

2014-01-13 19:02

Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier, one of the biggest single contributors to world sea-level rise, is melting irreversibly and could add as much as a cm to ocean levels.

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