MUZI KUZWAYO: It is those who risk it all who lead change

2018-09-09 06:21

‘Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori,” wrote the Roman poet Horace. Over a millenium later, poet Wilfred Owen changed the meaning forever, says Muzi Kuzwayo.

MUZI KUZWAYO: The only certainty is our future’s uncertainty

2018-08-26 07:42

She has the complexion of the people in the tropics, dark and inexpressibly beautiful, writes Muzi Kuzwayo.

Are women our saviours in a time of meltdown?

2018-08-05 08:07

The revolution that will change the status quo will be ignited by women, writes Muzi Kuzwayo.

Quitting must never be an option

2018-07-01 06:02

Never give up, only smokers should. Let me make a public confession – I have always been a number one fan when it comes to schools sports.

OPINION: We need to produce what Africa consumes

2018-05-27 10:43

While Africans do not own the technologies they need for their own development, they will forever be glorified hewers of wood and drawers of water, writes Muzi Kuzwayo.

Innovation will be key for the next generation

2018-04-22 05:56

As South Africans, we need to start thinking about post-struggle leadership for the young men and women who didn’t experience the horrors of apartheid, writes Muzi Kuzwayo.

Don’t view the youth through dinosaur eyes

2018-04-01 08:57

Every generation thinks that the youth that follows is lost, says Muzi Kuzwayo.

We must dream, not recycle old ministers

2018-03-04 06:00

"Dust to dust,” read a bumper sticker on a battered blue car, “God recycles, and so should you,” writes Muzi Kuzwayo.

Friends & Friction: Nature’s the way to find your purpose

2017-12-17 06:02

Pity those who are so fixated with the politics and business of the day that they have stopped appreciating the chirping of birds.

Friends & Friction: Swaziland is a true kingdom of mystique

2017-08-27 12:33

They say the boys of Swaziland shit guava trees. Everywhere you walk in this Switzerland of Africa, you see guava trees decorating the landscape with their fruit.


Read your way to a life of true influence

2018-09-02 06:01

Think about this: sports fans want to see their heroine win. They don’t care about how she trains, but the heroine cannot win if she doesn’t train. The same is true in your work.

There is no quick fix for what ails us

2018-08-19 06:03

The false prophets who sell superstition and dicey hopes for a profit are another oppressive force, write Muzi Kuzwayo.

Good managers cultivate young stars

2018-07-08 10:36

Cristiano Ronaldo proved it and so did Lionel Messi – two players who Sir Alex Ferguson referred to as world-class players.

Be honest in your mid-year review

2018-06-03 06:08

It’s almost the middle of the year, so it is a good time to revisit the New Year’s resolutions that you made six months ago.

The ANC needs a turnaround manager

2018-05-06 06:48

What do you read into a situation where the secretary-general of a party tells the people to march against a VAT hike introduced by his own party, asks Muzi Kuzayo.

Justice may seem blind, but it’s also cockeyed

2018-04-15 06:00

All nights bring darkness, but not all nights are the same, and the inability to discern between the two has led many to be caught up on the blind side of hope.

The road to success begins with self-love

2018-03-25 09:57

Shame on you. You’ve been demeaned and you take that as the truth. You happily accept being called black – the colour of death. Or, even worse, you accept being called “people of colour”, as if you were coloured in with dark paint.

You can’t blame a rat for being good at rat

2018-02-11 06:28

There are very successful businesspeople who do a lot for society, but they’re shrewd when they do business, writes Muzi Kuzwayo.

Friends & Friction: Our social media is a hot bed for disruption

2017-10-08 06:02

Facebook is planning to add 1 000 people to its global advert review team to help prevent the abuse that characterised last year’s US election, which was won by the menace-in-chief, Donald Trump.

Friends & Friction: The decline doesn’t happen overnight

2017-07-16 06:01

Wealth is like water, it is lost when badly managed, writes Muzi Kuzwayo.

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