INSIDE LABOUR: The green irony at Davos

2020-01-31 07:00

The irony of climate change featuring so prominently at the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, last week, seems to have been lost, says Terry Bell.

Terry Bell: A fight for the many, not the few

2019-11-15 13:38

How to explain the generalisation by the finance minister that a bloated public sector will have to suffer job cuts, when an understaffed health service is short of tens of thousands of poorly paid nurses?

INSIDE LABOUR: 4IR and the ideological prison

2019-07-12 13:41

Last month saw the idea of a new, 21st Century city, complete with bullet trains, widely broadcast, all within the framework of a "developmental state". But what this really boiled down to was a rehash of 20th Century concepts, says Terry Bell.

INSIDE LABOUR: Words as weapons and flawed democracy

2019-05-03 11:33

Words have the power to create illusions of reality and can trigger emotional responses rather than encourage critical thought,. They should be used wisely, says Terry Bell.

INSIDE LABOUR: The ongoing hunt for the right party

2019-04-05 05:00

What will workers decide when faced with the confusion of 48 political parties listed for the national and provincial poll on May 8? asks Terry Bell.

INSIDE LABOUR: Back to basics ahead of elections 2019

2019-03-08 06:45

A majority, when absent voters are taken into account, means something very different in real terms, says Terry Bell.

Terry Bell: SONA déjà vu - was it 'Thabo Mbeki without the poetry'?

2019-02-08 11:02

For most unionists who have followed these annual addresses over the years, the SONA must have been a case of déjà vu, says Terry Bell.

Terry Bell: Rest up - 2019 is coming

2018-12-14 06:07

With 16 000 jobs lost in the last quarter, it's not the jolly season for all. Rather, it's a breather before upcoming struggles, says Terry Bell.

INSIDE LABOUR: Stories, facts and the minimum wage

2018-11-30 11:23

There's substantial call for cynicism about the National Minimum Wage, says Terry Bell.

INSIDE LABOUR: A classic case of economic ill health

2018-11-02 10:04

No wonder there's resentment over SOE bailouts when ordinary people bear the brunt of healthcare that relies on the contents of bank accounts, says Terry Bell.


INSIDE LABOUR: When journalists are gagged, be very afraid

2019-12-02 16:10

Honest, evidence-based journalism is under increasing pressure, says Terry Bell.

Terry Bell: Exploitation is a case of money, not melanin

2019-07-26 14:23

Capital doesn’t give a fig about skin colour; the only colour of real interest is the colour of money, writes Terry Bell.

'Vain, arrogant and narcissistic': Survé takes on Media24 in R100m defamation lawsuit

2019-06-30 14:30

Dr Iqbal Survé is seeking R100m in damages relating to an article that his lawyers said portrayed him as "dishonest and a liar" to boost his "status and stature".

INSIDE LABOUR: On chicken, dumping, and union power

2019-04-26 06:00

The cut-price Dutch are back again, but there's been little protest that local poultry producers are among the most efficient anywhere, says Terry Bell.

INSIDE LABOUR: Democratic lessons to be learned

2019-03-23 10:48

As SA coasts uncomfortably towards the May 8 election, it is time to take stock of where we are and where we may be going, writes Terry Bell.

INSIDE LABOUR: Austerity and the lack of real alternatives

2019-02-22 06:30

What was missing in the run-up to the 2019 Budget was what had become, in previous years, regular and often well-constructed "People’s Budget" contributions from unions and non-governmental groups, says Terry Bell.

INSIDE LABOUR: Election manifestos vs. reality

2019-02-08 06:00

Politicians' promises tend to be more of the same - and pie in the sky, says Terry Bell.

Terry Bell: More problems ahead for the SABC

2018-12-06 16:22

The public broadcaster is inquorate and the SABC is technically without management. But without a R3bn bank guarantee it's also bankrupt, says Terry Bell.

INSIDE LABOUR: Lying our way toward catastrophe

2018-11-16 06:15

The global economy that affects us all is based on lies, writes Terry Bell.

INSIDE LABOUR: The 'Buy SA' job creation myth

2018-10-19 06:00

The more things change, the more they stay the same. This was clear at the Jobs Summit, when President Cyril Ramaphosa presented "the most direct way" to create jobs, says Terry Bell.

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