Six key reads from 2019 to prep you for the year ahead in SA

2020-01-03 06:00

Here are six reads that got our attention during 2019 - and the content will prove relevant to South Africans in the year 2020, writes Khulekani Magubane.

Ralph Mathekga: SA braces itself for a tough 2020

2019-12-31 09:04

Could 2020 be the year of amplified conflict among the various interest groups jostling for political power in South Africa? I am nearly convinced that is the case, as we will see in the year, writes Ralph Mathekga.

Virgo 31 December

2019-12-31 00:00

2019 was a year of change, particularly in the area of significant partnerships and connections. Use today to objectively look at the way things panned out in 2019 to help you make some important conscious decisions for 2020.

Scorpio 31 December

2019-12-31 00:00

The most difficult thing for a Scorpio to do is to let go and trust in the process that is unfolding, yet this process can be so freeing once you have found a way to release the past and embrace the present for what it is. Life can be intense and it can get pretty serious, but you can still find the humour and the fun in these moments. A shift in your attitude can shift your experience of the situation.

Taurus 31 December

2019-12-31 00:00

Your support groups, friends and the community play a significant part in your life. Today can be a great day to thank those that have supported you through 2019. An attitude of gratitude and the willingness to be receptive can be the ticket to great connections and opportunities.

Capricorn 31 December

2019-12-31 00:00

It is the last day of 2019 and there may be some final things you want to wrap up. This could be a written reflection on the year or a blog post that defines the flavour of your year. Communication is the keyword for today. Talk, listen, write or share something meaningful that represents transformation, as you move out of the intensity of 2019 and prepare for 2020.

Sagittarius 31 December

2019-12-31 00:00

Home and family matters have been intense in 2019 and the urgency to find some balance pushes you to make some serious decisions for 2020. It is not about how much you have that is important. It is about how much you do with what you have that makes the big difference. A little can go a long way.

Taurus 30 December

2019-12-30 15:10

You may find yourself working very hard today. Pace yourself to avoid revving too high and then losing momentum later. Try to find things that can relax you as you push ahead with deadlines, commitments and projects that use up a lot of energy.

Virgo 30 December

2019-12-30 00:01

It is easy to burn the candles at both ends today in the urge to complete everything and maintain your high level of perfection. Are the stressed out conditions and physical strain really worth the extreme effort in the long run? Try to find an amicable compromise to keep things in balance.

Capricorn 30 December

2019-12-30 00:01

Let things flow. Forcing things into boxes that don't quite fit ends up being more trouble and stress than it’s worth. The message for today is: Is it really worth it? Value is the keyword.


Pisces 31 December

2019-12-31 16:34

2019 was a tough year. It was the tester to direct you to renovate your structures to support you more authentically. Now is not the time to procrastinate or wait for someone else to start the process. The message for you is: “The helping hand you are looking for is at the end of your own arm.”

Gemini 31 December

2019-12-31 00:00

You are under the spotlight today. You have the chance to shine and share some inspiring messages. 2019 was not an easy year but you have persevered and survived. You have become stronger through the experiences. Use today to find the positive moments and outcome that 2019 gave you and move into 2020 with clarity, hope and strength.

Cancer 31 December

2019-12-31 00:00

The door of opportunity is open. Allow yourself the chance to explore. Enjoy the bird`s eye view today. It can help you to see the bigger picture from an objective vantage point. Find a quiet place in nature to quietly reflect and connect with yourself. Use today to release the past and to set a clear intention to step into 2020 with.

Leo 31 December

2019-12-31 00:00

There are two sides to a coin and you may be starting to realize that by pushing too much from one side tips things out of balance. 2019 rattled you out of whatever comfort zones you were holding onto which can actually be a blessing in disguise. Humility and gratitude are the tools that can cut through the patterns of pride and take you to that beautiful place of acceptance. Once you are at this point, you are at the turning point and things can shift and move forward.

Aries 31 December

2019-12-31 00:00

The ghosts of the past may be still haunting you. Look deeper at the subconscious patterns and habits that are holding you back. It is time to release them and start 2020 on a clean and clear page.

Libra 31 December

2019-12-31 00:00

You are a pleaser by nature and it is easy for you to end up with more than you can manage which can weigh heavy on your energy levels and restrict your movements. This stops you from being able to focus on your own personal goals. 2020 can be a great opportunity for you to create clear boundaries and categories to help you manage your obligations and your own personal needs and goals.

Aquarius 31 December

2019-12-31 00:00

The last day of the year can be a time to pause for a moment and give yourself the time to look at how 2019 unfolded. The key focus for today is to look at your value system. How have you spent your time, money and energy this year? Are you on track? How would you do it differently in 2020?

Adriaan Basson: My 10 South Africans of the year

2019-12-30 05:00

As we bid 2019 farewell, it is worth a pause to reflect on those compatriots who have shaped the past 365 days, writes Adriaan Basson.

Aquarius 30 December

2019-12-30 00:01

It is easy to rev too high today. Slow down and find a steady pace to avoid burning out. Listen to your body. Relax and recharge.

Cancer 30 December

2019-12-30 00:01

Overcompensating can leave you feeling like you got the short straw. Try not to waste precious energy crying over “spilt milk.” Try to find a practical solution to shift the problem and redirect your energy back into a balanced and positive space.

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