Pisces 23 March

2020-03-23 02:49

Your radiant being is tapping into the higher powers. Try not to let the fear of the unknown stop you from seeing these visions. Use your compassionate nature to connect people together through light and love.

Sagittarius 23 March

2020-03-23 02:43

Libra 23 March

2020-03-23 02:39

Balance is the keyword to use when you feel things tipping out of sync. Breathing exercises can help you to reconnect you to the moment you are in. In a time of crisis, you need to first give yourself the oxygen so that you can then be there to help others.

Leo 23 March

2020-03-23 02:36

Intense energy can be explosive if it is not directed consciously. Use this time to create a clear picture of how to work with this intensity. Use the dynamite to blast through the structures that need to go, to make space for new incredible things to emerge.

Gemini 23 March

2020-03-23 02:32

There is a strong focus on work and status. Now is the chance to look more deeply into the chance to transform some of your ideas into working progressively for you on new platforms. Use the lack of boundaries right now to shift how you broadcast your ideas to the world. The world is your oyster – reach for the stars.

Aries 23 March

2020-03-23 02:28

Try to stay calm and practice patience. Your chance to act will come soon, but with the Moon still in the sensitive sign of Pisces today, you need to quietly do the inner preparation work so that you are ready and focused to step onto the frontline tomorrow.

Aquarius 22 March

2020-03-23 02:22

A new role has fallen into your hands. You have the chance to step up and lead. This can be an exciting new chapter for you. It is early days, but the seed has been planted. Nurture and water this idea. You are onto something good.

Sagittarius 22 March

2020-03-23 02:19

The changes you have been working towards are starting to shift into place. Compassionate communication can play a big part in connecting with the important people in your life. Stay open and let things flow. You are on the right track. Key tools are: Visualisation, open heart, empathy, humility, kindness.

Libra 22 March

2020-03-23 02:14

The intense energy is surging through. It can feel overwhelming. It can feel exciting. Stay present and create a realistic rhythm to stay in tune and in balance. Find a positive outlet or activity to direct your energy into.

Leo 22 March

2020-03-23 02:11

Someone may be mirroring what you need to see by tapping into uncomfortable feelings or experiences. Push through the discomfort and try to understand what t is you need to learn from this experience.


Carpricorn 23 March

2020-03-23 02:46

Allow yourself to listen without judgment. Allow yourself to let things flow without needing to control the situation. Allow yourself to just be in the moment.

Scorpio 23 March

2020-03-23 02:40

“When the music changes, the drumbeat needs to change.” Right now you need to work with the rhythm of today. The best way of being in control of your day is by being present and noticing the signs that are navigating you towards the next step. Work sensitively. Work creatively. Connect to the magic.

Virgo 23 March

2020-03-23 02:37

Your natural default setting is set a lot higher than the average setting when it comes to germs, cleanliness and hygiene in general, so this period can stress you out and leave you feeling quite overwhelmed and perhaps paralysed into how to stay calm and keep a clear focal point to work towards. Try to find a place of inner calm by letting go of trying to control the external circumstances. Create your own little sanctuary and stay centred by not letting your mind run away too far into the what if`s that can spike paranoia.

Cancer 23 March

2020-03-23 02:34

Sometimes being on an adventure can be super scary because you don`t know how it will end. You have to stay present and work with the signs around you to navigate your way forward. You are living your story. Allow it to unfold naturally. Go with the flow even if it does feel intense at times.

Taurus 23 March

2020-03-23 02:29

Group collaboration may happen in interesting ways. Form new ways of staying in contact with your loved ones even if you cannot physically share space together right now.

Pisces 22 March

2020-03-23 02:23

A subconscious shift is starting to happen. Roles are starting to change. This can feel intense. This can feel overwhelming, but this is a turning point that is encouraging you to step into the driver`s seat of your life.

Capricorn 22 March

2020-03-23 02:21

A shift is happening. The responsibility has shifted. The weight can now be shared. Let go of the need to carry the full load. Things can move forward in a new direction now. Allow things to flow. Trust in the process.

Scorpio 22 March

2020-03-23 02:16

Virgo 22 March

2020-03-23 02:13

If the old way is no longer working, it is time to renovate the structures to support where you need to go. Start with a plan and build your way forward step by step. “You don`t need to see the whole staircase to take the first step.”

Cancer 22 March

2020-03-23 02:10

By digging into those uncomfortable dark areas you have been avoiding helps you to release the past and open new doors of possibility. Releasing the heaviness can help you feel lighter, liberated and inspired.

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