Tax Justice SA: Mboweni’s budget a picnic for tax dodgers

2020-02-29 14:33

Tax Justice South Africa head, Yusuf Abramjee said Mboweni's hikes on alcohol and tobacco duties would enable “criminals in the dark economy” to raise their prices accordingly and profit even more than before instead honouring their tax obligations.

Pregnant moms who smoke, drink put babies at risk of SIDS

2020-02-22 12:00

The findings of a new study suggest that mothers-to-be's combined exposures to alcohol and tobacco have a synergistic effect on SIDS risk.

Do young adults really 'age out' of heavy drinking?

2020-02-11 04:45

A study of more than 1 000 men and women found that young adults tend to continue the alcohol use of their teen years – be it light, moderate or heavy drinking.

Light alcohol consumption is linked to increased cancer risk, says study

2020-01-03 09:00

Japanese scientists conducted a study and found there might be increased cancer risk among those who even lightly consumed alcohol.

I'm a bartender, and here are 11 signs your drink was made improperly

2019-11-16 22:15

You can often tell your order was made improperly from the color, taste, or presentation of a cocktail or beer. Here are the most obvious signs.

What celebrities have to say about drinking

2019-10-24 12:46

There are more and more celebrities who are publicly vocalising their sober status that can be held up as role models for kids when it comes to alcohol. So yes, Mom’s and Dad’s it’s time to turn to celebrity examples to help lead your kids on the right path!

OcSober can be great, but it can also highlight drinking problems. Here are the red flags

2019-10-03 04:45

For many South Africans, OcSober has started. If you find it a challenge to resist alcohol, it might mean that your alcohol dependence is more advanced than you think.

Caring for children whose parents succumb to drugs and alcohol

2019-09-19 13:30

'They can't read, they can't write, and actually they are in the wrong school,' says Angela Salter, founder of the Adonai Crisis Centre which looks after children whose parents abuse alcohol and drugs.

SAB could be forced to start brewing iconic Irish beer Guinness in South Africa – if South Africans take a real liking to it

2019-09-09 07:05

Competition authorities are allowing SAB to take over distribution of Guinness in South Africa, with a proviso that if sales hit a secret limit, it must be made locally. But that would require rather a lot of Guinness to be drunk in SA.


Rare 'auto-brewery syndrome' causes woman's bladder to produce alcohol

2020-02-25 11:44

In the first known case of this type of auto-brewery syndrome, doctors found a diabetic patient's bladder produced alcohol in her urine.

I'm giving up alcohol during January for the 3rd year in a row. Here's how it helps me understand my relationship with drinking after almost losing a loved one to alcoholism.

2020-01-05 15:38

Beyond the many health and financial benefits, Dry January has helped me gain important perspective on the role of alcohol in my life and in society.

9 ways to cut down on drinking

2020-01-01 09:00

Have you considered giving your drinking habit the boot?

'0% alcohol' beverages may be the latest sipping trend, but for recovering alcoholics, it could be a dangerous trigger

2019-12-05 11:30

'Fake liquor' can be a real problem for those trying to maintain their sobriety.

The world's largest cruise ship has a bar with robot bartenders. Here's how my margarita compared to one made by a human.

2019-11-10 20:49

The world's largest cruise ship features a lot of trippy amenities, like the Bionic Bar, which is staffed by two robot bartenders.

Frequent drinking is more harmful than binges – and increases the risk of a common heart disorder

2019-10-22 16:45

A new study found that the strongest risk factor for atrial fibrillation was the number of times per week a person drank alcohol.

Why a drink a day might be good for diabetics' health

2019-09-20 08:45

Chinese research has shown lower levels of insulin and improved insulin resistance in people who drank light to moderate amounts of alcohol.

5 ways to talk to your children about drinking alcohol

2019-09-19 10:03

Parents often dread talking to their kids about drinking alcohol. Medical and parenting pros, however, say that the topic should be broached sooner rather than later.

The local gin that stirred international interest

2019-09-05 11:28

Inverroche gins are produced with fynbos from the Cape floral region and boast a distinctive taste. This unique characteristic, and its popularity, caught the attention of Pernod Ricard – the French beverage maker of Jameson Whiskey and Chivas Regal among others – and now a majority shareholder in Inverroche.

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