OcSober can be great, but it can also highlight drinking problems. Here are the red flags

2019-10-03 04:45

For many South Africans, OcSober has started. If you find it a challenge to resist alcohol, it might mean that your alcohol dependence is more advanced than you think.

Caring for children whose parents succumb to drugs and alcohol

2019-09-19 13:30

'They can't read, they can't write, and actually they are in the wrong school,' says Angela Salter, founder of the Adonai Crisis Centre which looks after children whose parents abuse alcohol and drugs.

SAB could be forced to start brewing iconic Irish beer Guinness in South Africa – if South Africans take a real liking to it

2019-09-09 07:05

Competition authorities are allowing SAB to take over distribution of Guinness in South Africa, with a proviso that if sales hit a secret limit, it must be made locally. But that would require rather a lot of Guinness to be drunk in SA.

8 tricks bars use to get you to spend more money, according to a bartender

2019-08-31 18:39

Fluffy language, exclusive holiday cocktails, and happy hour "deals" are easy ways bartenders like me can increase your spending. You've been warned.

Even a little drinking while pregnant ups miscarriage odds

2019-08-28 16:50

A modest amount of alcohol use during pregnancy has a meaningful impact on miscarriage risk.

A first-of-its-kind probiotic aims to combat hangover symptoms. It works by breaking down a dangerous byproduct of booze.

2019-08-19 13:36

Zbiotics can be consumed like a shot before drinking. It's based on years of testing, but how well it works in the real world remains to be seen.

A master gin distiller says 'there's no such thing as a vodka martini' — and it's not the only thing you're getting wrong

2019-08-03 16:39

Business Insider spoke to Sean Harrison, Plymouth Gin's master distiller and reinventor of Mr King's 1842 recipe.

Alcoholism harms 53 million Americans who don't have a drinking problem

2019-07-04 21:00

According to a new study, heavy drinkers should be aware of how they may impact the lives of the people around them.

Here are 9 ways drinking alcohol can affect you as a woman

2019-06-14 14:44

We look at how alcohol can affect the female body.

7 times you should never drink alcohol

2019-06-09 14:47

Alcohol can be detrimental if consumed in certain circumstances. Here are some situations where you probably shouldn't drink alcohol.


Why a drink a day might be good for diabetics' health

2019-09-20 08:45

Chinese research has shown lower levels of insulin and improved insulin resistance in people who drank light to moderate amounts of alcohol.

5 ways to talk to your children about drinking alcohol

2019-09-19 10:03

Parents often dread talking to their kids about drinking alcohol. Medical and parenting pros, however, say that the topic should be broached sooner rather than later.

The local gin that stirred international interest

2019-09-05 11:28

Inverroche gins are produced with fynbos from the Cape floral region and boast a distinctive taste. This unique characteristic, and its popularity, caught the attention of Pernod Ricard – the French beverage maker of Jameson Whiskey and Chivas Regal among others – and now a majority shareholder in Inverroche.

Distell CEO hails 'pretty strong performance'

2019-08-28 20:50

South African-based global drinks company Distell Group has delivered solid revenue growth in all three its main categories, CEO Richard Rushton told Fin24.

We tried de-alcoholised South African wine - and it took us by surprise

2019-08-21 14:50

You'd have to drink 9 bottles in an hour to reach the legal alcohol limit.

Scientists have made artisan vodka from contaminated grain grown in Chernobyl's radioactive exclusion zone

2019-08-08 17:46

They called it Atomik vodka, and it's the first consumer product to be made within the exclusion zone of the nuclear reactor.

New study finds alcohol use common among South African adults with HIV - here's why that's harmful

2019-07-25 10:08

Alcohol consumption and drug use can have negative effects on people living with HIV, and can also increase the risk of passing the virus on to others.

I'm a bartender — and these are the drinks that we secretly judge you for ordering

2019-06-25 13:01

No matter what kind of drink you order, bartenders will happily make it. But there are some drinks they will secretly judge you for ordering.

Drinking red wine for your heart? Read this before you toast

2019-06-06 05:29

Federal guidelines and the American Heart Association recommend that if you do drink alcohol, you should do so in moderation.

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