Archaeologists discovered 30 ancient sarcophagi in Egypt with perfectly preserved mummies inside. Photos show the biggest coffin find in a century.

2019-10-22 16:56

The biggest coffin discovery in a century features well-preserved colors and inscriptions, enclosing perfect 3,000-year-old mummies.

Robben Island Museum seeks answers on human remains found at historic site

2019-04-09 18:20

The Robben Island Museum is on a quest to solve the riddle of human bones found last year and discover another piece of the island's history.

WATCH: Science to preserve Tutankhamun's tomb

2019-02-01 06:08

Tourists visit the tomb of the 18th dynasty Pharaoh Tutankhamun at the Valley of the Kings in Luxor after an archeological mission finished conservation work to preserve the tomb.

WATCH: Archeologists discover 'exceptional' site in France

2018-11-17 21:43

Some 200 000 flintstones and 400 arrowheads: archeologists in Angoulême dig up artefacts at an 'exceptional' site marking the shift in climate from the Paleolithic to the Mesolithic era.

A handful of recent discoveries has transformed our entire understanding of human history

2018-07-22 17:59

Our understanding of human history has been thoroughly upended by a number of discoveries over the past few years.

Archaeologists find fossils, Mayan relics in giant underwater cave in Mexico

2018-02-20 13:03

Archaeologists who have been exploring the world's largest underwater cave present their findings, including fossils of giant sloths and an elaborate shrine to the Mayan god of commerce.

Papua New Guinea skull 'world's oldest tsunami victim'

2017-10-26 09:05

A 6 000-year-old skull found in Papua New Guinea is likely the world's oldest-known tsunami victim, experts have said after a new analysis of the area it was found in.

Archaeologists find 4 000-year-old obelisk near Cairo

2017-10-05 09:41

Egypt says archaeologists have discovered the upper part of royal obelisk dating back more than 4 000 years.

World's oldest wine may have been Italian

2017-08-31 07:07

Researchers have discovered that the oldest wine in the world may have been Italian, after finding traces of 6 000-year-old fermented grapes off the west coast of Sicily.

New restrictions set on visiting Peru's famed Machu Picchu

2017-06-22 05:45

Travellers wanting a glimpse of Peru's famed Machu Picchu will be restricted to certain hours touring the area with a designated guide.


People in western China smoked dagga to bury their dead 2,500 years ago — the oldest evidence of weed smoking in human history

2019-06-13 20:01

Archaeologists discovered 2,500-year-old pots containing trace chemicals from dagga. The discovery is the earliest evidence of cannabis use.

WATCH: Egypt unveils ancient burial site containing 50 mummies

2019-02-03 12:28

Egyptian archaeologists have uncovered a tomb containing 50 mummies that date back to the Ptolemaic era.

People hadn't set foot in this ancient 'lost city' in the Honduran jungle for 500 years. Now the government is fighting to save it.

2018-12-02 20:55

The Honduras government is fighting to save the Moskitia rainforest, home to an ancient "White City" that remained untouched for 500 years.

Old Master? Cave paintings from 40 000 years ago are world's earliest figurative art

2018-11-08 10:08

A painting of an animal in an Indonesian cave dates from at least 40 000 years ago, making it the world's oldest piece of figurative art, new research has shown.

Archaeologists opened a mysterious sarcophagus in Egypt — amid threats of an ancient curse

2018-07-21 19:46

It's been over 24 hours since archaeologists from Egypt's antiquities ministry pried open a mysterious, 30-ton black sarcophagus.

Archaeologist criticises pyramid void 'discovery'

2017-11-04 21:17

An Egyptian archaeologist overseeing a project to scan a pyramid for voids has criticised the announcement of a discovery of a passenger plane-sized cavity in the Great Pyramid.

Mystery ancient stone structures found in Saudi desert

2017-10-25 08:46

Nearly 400 mysterious ancient stone structures have been identified in the Saudi Arabian desert by an Australian researcher using Google Earth.

KZN Stone Age child reveals modern humans 'emerged earlier than previously thought'

2017-10-02 07:36

The DNA of the 2 000-year-old remains of a boy found near Ballito Bay in KwaZulu-Natal has shed new light on the transition from archaic to modern humans.

'Missing link' bolsters bold theory on dino evolution

2017-08-16 08:43

An oddball, vegetarian dinosaur with the silhouette of a flesh-ripping velociraptor, whose fossilised remains were unearthed in southern Chile 13 years ago, is a missing link in dino evolution, researchers say.

Homo sapiens 100 000 years older than thought

2017-06-07 21:33

Early Homo sapiens roamed Africa as long as 300 000 years ago, with modern-looking faces that would not stand out in a crowd today, according to research that pushes back our origins by a hundred millennia.

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