NASA's Hubble space telescope just took incredible photos of a visiting comet from another star system

2019-10-16 20:29

NASA also released a time-lapse video of the comet, 2I/Borisov, hurtling past the sun. The images show a halo of dust surrounding the alien object.

WATCH | Awesome event as Black hole rips apart doomed star

2019-09-30 08:38

Scientists have captured a view of a colossal black hole violently ripping apart a doomed star. WATCH NOW.

The Moon now has hundreds of artifacts. Should they be protected?

2019-07-11 11:59

Three rovers, six US flags, dozens of probes that either landed successfully or crashed, tools, cameras and trash: The Moon is dotted with hundreds of objects as a result of space exploration.

WATCH: Key moments in the conquest of space

2019-07-08 21:40

Half a century has passed - but the moment Moon pioneer Neil Armstrong took his historic first step on the lunar surface is etched in the memories of those who tuned in.

WATCH: Jodrell Bank named Unesco World Heritage site

2019-07-08 10:37

Jodrell Bank observatory in Cheshire has been named a Unesco World Heritage site. WATCH NOW.

South Americans marvel at total solar eclipse

2019-07-03 11:54

A rare total solar eclipse plunged a vast swath of Latin America's southern cone into darkness, briefly turning day into night and enthralling huge crowds in much of Chile and Argentina.

WATCH: Moon landing good for business 50 years later

2019-06-24 11:30

When Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, marketers jumped at the chance to sell products. They are at it again in 2019, at the 50th anniversary of the giant leap for mankind.

Astronomers confirm 'exoplanet hell' with SAAO telescope

2019-05-31 06:53

Astronomers have confirmed the existence of an exoplanet, nick-named "The Forbidden Planet", using the SAAO's Sutherland High-speed Optical Cameras 1.0m telescope.

FOUND AT LAST: The universe's earliest molecule discovered in space

2019-05-22 20:00

NASA has detected the first-ever molecule that formed in the universe, according to a new study published in the journal Nature.

The Moon is shrinking - study

2019-05-16 07:55

The Moon is steadily shrinking, causing wrinkling on its surface and quakes, according to an analysis of imagery captured by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) published.


DISCOVERY | 20 new moons puts Saturn ahead of Jupiter

2019-10-09 11:08

Astronomers discover 20 new moons around Saturn, making it the planet with the most number of moons in the solar system.

Trump tariffs | Mugabe's body taken to Harare villa: WATCH the top world news videos for today

2019-09-12 07:10

Trump delays China tariffs in 'goodwill gesture' | Mugabe's body taken to his Harare villa; here are the top world news videos for today. WATCH.

Japan's asteroid probe Hayabusa2 set for final touchdown

2019-07-11 08:20

Japan's Hayabusa2 probe began descending for its final touchdown on a distant asteroid, hoping to collect samples that could shed light on the evolution of the solar system.

Two asteroids to pass extremely close to Earth

2019-07-08 13:25

Two large asteroids are expected to make extremely close passes of Earth over the next couple of days.

WATCH: The Playboy pictures that went to the Moon

2019-07-05 21:11

In July 1969, the world watched as man first set foot on the Moon.

WATCH: NASA drone will explore possibility of life on one of Saturn's moons

2019-07-01 10:47

Before life evolved, said Nieber, the landscape on Earth was in fact quite similar to that of Titan today.

WATCH: Large mass discovered under Moon's crater, believed to be metal from asteroid

2019-06-13 07:57

A large mass has been discovered beneath the Moon's crater, and it is believed to be metal from asteroid. WATCH NOW.

'A long ride': 50 years ago, a dress rehearsal for the Moon landing

2019-05-25 13:33

As Earth grew ever smaller below his spacecraft, Apollo 10 commander Tom Stafford made an unusual request to mission control.

WATCH: Suspected meteorite caught on CCTV in Australia

2019-05-20 14:50

A suspected meteorite lit up the night sky over parts of Northern Australia. Northern Territory Police CCTV captured an object shooting above Tennant Creek just after midnight.

'No image will surpass this': Hubble telescope astronomers created a stunning picture of the deep universe with 16 years' worth of photos

2019-05-04 09:45

Researchers estimate the Hubble Space Telescope image includes 265,000 galaxies, some of which appear as they existed 13.3 billion years ago.

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