All babies are cute, but some are super cute: meet the Batman baby

2019-07-11 14:04

Baby Luna is one of 20 000 babies born worldwide with a congenital skin condition known as giant congenital melanocytic nevus, a black birthmark that covers most of the face resembling a butterfly shape (or a Batman mask).

The story of how babies learn to talk

2019-05-06 12:13

Speech development in infants begins months before birth, and according to research, infant-directed speech or 'baby talk' is the best tool parents can use to help their children develop language skills sooner.

Understanding childhood memory

2017-04-21 06:20

Ever wondered if your child will remember the amazing second birthday party you painstakingly put together? Science says, probably not. Here's why.

When does an unborn baby start to breathe?

2016-10-14 08:40

We've asked an expert to weigh in on when this happens.

Baby's first steps and 8 other milestones

2016-07-14 10:38

There's nothing quite like watching your baby grow and learn. Here are 9 milestones to look out for over the coming months.

What are the "wonder weeks"?

2016-06-23 13:44

Frans Plooij's book has taken the parenting world by storm. We take a deeper look.

3 movement games for babies

2011-01-19 15:59

Here's some fun ways to get your baby moving.

25 secrets of babyhood

2010-11-04 12:23

Here are 25 practical ways to increase baby's confidence, boost her happiness and ensure she achieves her full potential.

WATCH: See the world through your baby's eyes

2010-04-23 12:38

Here's a look at how your baby’s vision develops throughout the first year.

Sleep and your newborn

2010-03-05 14:03

Understand your baby’s sleep patterns.


Playing peek-a-boo with your baby is more important than you think

2019-06-05 08:58

Positive, affectionate and engaging interactions during infancy set the foundation for how we engage with people throughout our lives.

Top teething truths and tricks you should try

2016-10-19 10:25

Cutting those little milk teeth can be trying times for babies and parents.

Why little ones shouldn't sit all day

2016-09-14 10:12

What is "physical activity" in early childhood, and why is it really that important?

Watch: Toy chicken baffles baby

2016-07-05 11:40

Some toys are intriguing to little people, but this amusing toy chicken is simply too much for this little person to handle.

Delayed teething

2012-08-28 09:08

My baby is 15 moths old, and he hasn't yet cut even one tooth. I'm worried that I'll be seeing that gummy grin forever! Is there any way that I can get him to start teething?

10 toys that cost nothing

2010-11-08 11:52

You don’t have to spend a fortune on toys and games to keep your child busy. Here are some interesting and easy ways to turn household objects into entertaining toys and games for your child.

Is your baby a catnapper?

2010-11-02 15:06

Many young babies sleep like angels in mummy's arms, but only for ten minutes in a cot. Here are some suggestions to help your baby learn to sleep for longer

How to get your baby into a sleep routine

2010-03-14 16:58

Here's how to get your little one into a much needed routine.

Is it a growth spurt?

2009-09-18 14:01

Just yesterday that romper fit perfectly, today it doesn’t. What’s happening?

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