Limpopo woman home after 300 bee stings nearly kill her

2020-03-26 12:51

An elderly lady from Marble Hall in Limpopo who nearly died over the weekend after being attacked by a swarm of more than 300 bees has been discharged from hospital and is recovering at home.

40% of US honeybee colonies disappeared last year. This is what the world would be like without any bees at all.

2019-08-15 11:44

Bee populations are in decline. Without them, food like nuts, fruits, and vegetables would become more expensive and rare.

Sweat bees found in Taiwanese woman's eye, feeding off her tears

2019-04-11 10:22

Sweat bees are attracted to the salt in human perspiration and even though they don’t attack, they often land on people for that reason – but, for an unlucky Taiwanese women, the bees ended up in her eye, attracted to the salt content in her tears.

The world's largest bee was found in the wild 38 years after its last sighting. It was one of the planet's top 25 'most wanted' species.

2019-03-06 07:40

Wallace's giant bee hadn't been seen alive for nearly four decades. Now, scientists have found and photographed it in Indonesia.

WATCH: Our world with no bees: robots to the rescue?

2018-08-23 21:38

Could technology hold the answer to the world's dwindling bee population?

How SA honey production could see R20bn turnover

2017-10-22 13:53

A structural approach and strategic business model could see South Africa’s honey industry turnover reach R20bn, according to experts.

US lists a bee as endangered for the first time

2017-01-12 13:25

The United States has placed a bee on the endangered species list for the first time, after the rusty patched bumblebee's population declined sharply due to pesticides, disease and climate change.

If birds, bees go, people next

2015-08-13 19:25

If all the birds, bugs, bees and other creatures that pollinate our food crops were to disappear from the planet, humans could face a sharp increase in malnutrition, disease and death.

Benefit of bees underestimated

2013-12-04 12:32

Bees have a much greater economic value than is widely known, according to a scientific probe into strawberry-growing.


10 mind-blowing facts about bees

2019-09-15 12:32

From how bees communicate to how much honey they produce, here are a dozen things you probably didn't know about these creatures.

McDonald's just opened a tiny restaurant for bees — here's what it's like inside

2019-05-22 20:06

McDonald's commissioned the project to pay homage to its restaurants in Sweden that have beehives on their rooftops.

3 hives of bees living on the roof of Notre-Dame Cathedral survived the fire

2019-04-20 08:13

There were three hives on the roof of the Paris cathedral, each housing 60,000 bees. Nicholas Geant, a beekeeper, said the bees were far from the fire.

Watch: This futuristic vertical farm would farm fish, bugs and plants in the middle of the city

It does not have space for cows.

0 comments8821 Views

WATCH: A bizarre swarm of bees descends on New York hot dog stand

2018-08-29 17:15

Thousands of bees swarmed on a hot dog stand in Times Square.

Man (81) survives being stung by 1 000 bees

2018-07-06 13:45

An elderly man is healing well after he was stung by a swarm of an estimated 1 000 bees.

Beekeeping goes digital

2017-05-21 06:00

A KwaZulu-Natal beekeeper is bringing the fourth industrial revolution to the ancient art of beekeeping, with plans to use technology to uplift emerging black beekeepers.

Inside Labour: Bee disease crisis looming in SA

2015-09-11 07:12

SA's R7bn a year fruit industry is threatened with potentially massive job and financial losses, says Terry Bell.

LA abuzz about urban beekeeping

2014-02-13 17:47

A Los Angeles beekeeper has won the city council's approval to carry on with his activities and hopes his bees will get legal status.

Bee sting therapy a buzz in China

2013-08-14 11:49

Patients in China are swarming to acupuncture clinics to receive bee stings to treat or ward off life-threatening illness, practitioners say.

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