Cancer 29 February

2020-02-29 00:00

This day can be a bonus day. Make the most of it. Add something different and inspirational – specifically in the area of groups. It is a chance to connect with your tribe, reach out to the community or collaborate on an inspiring idea you have been working on.

Cancer 26 February

2020-02-26 00:00

It is time to focus on a work related project/goal. The green light is saying you need to take initiative. The undercurrent energy is still a little murky and misty, so avoid the temptation to leap to conclusions or sign too quickly. Take the time to observe and understand something and then move in with a sense of purpose.

Cancer 25 February

2020-02-25 00:00

If you seem to be bumping against the same wall again and again, try another route. Redirect how you proceed towards your goal. Sometimes one has to go back and relook at some vital information to find the clues to the next level.

Cancer 24 February

2020-02-24 00:00

If you feel like you are on the road to nowhere, stop and redirect yourself back onto the path to somewhere you want to go.

Cancer 22 February

2020-02-22 00:00

Even though the tunnel can feel dark at time, you have your inner light to navigate you through. Use this dark Moon period to reflect and do some inner work, so that on Monday you have a fresh new page to write on.

Cancer 21 February

2020-02-21 00:00

It is time to invest in something significant. This may mean you need to revise a few details to get the balance back. This may trigger some deep seated reactions in yourself or in someone involved. Try to stay objective and focused. If it is an authentic decision, trust your intuition and create a strategic plan of action to navigate your way through the tricky bits.

Cancer 19 February

2020-02-19 00:00

Your love life may feel a little unsettling at the moment. Focus on building bridges rather than burning them. Break down the defensive barriers. The information that is coming to you now is there to be worked through. Push past the pain of the past by finding exciting new ways of connecting with the important person/people in your life. You are a dynamic leader and you have a warm and sensitive heart which is part of why people are drawn to you. Keep it open. Shine. You are beautiful.

Cancer 18 February

2020-02-18 00:00

Something that may have been stuck needs to be reworked to help get things flowing again. Information from past experiences can help you to work through a current matter.

Cancer 15 February

2020-02-15 00:00

It is time to take a deeper look at why you are still holding on so tightly to some things. Some things need to be released so that you can move forward. Use today to reflect on the deeper emotions and patterns that guide you and perhaps control you. Are they healthy ones? If the answer is no, you have a decision to make. This can be a transforming time for you. Be courageous, be true to you!

Cancer 13 February

2020-02-13 00:00

Stay centered and you will be able to find your way through. Focus on your foundation areas first and build your way up.


Cancer 27 February

2020-02-27 00:00

An opportunity at work may surface today. You have the chance to step up. Find the courage to stand strong and lead the way. Your nurturing spirit can inspire through a heartfelt passion you wish to share.

More sex partners, higher cancer risk?

2020-02-25 20:45

According to researchers, people who have more sexual partners have higher odds of being diagnosed with cancer than those who have fewer partners. Why could this be?

There's more evidence that taking supplements is a waste of money — and could be harmful to your health

2020-02-24 17:53

A new study found that nutritional supplements don't offer health benefits, and could even be harmful.

Cancer 23 February

2020-02-23 00:01

The journey doesn't end, but the scenery changes and you have the chance to choose again. Use this new Moon to choose consciously and purposefully. It is not just about looking good, it is also about feeling good. Feed your soul with soul food – nature, spiritual books, retreats, philosophy, meditation, prayer etc.

A baby boy is the first person born using 'in vitro maturation'

2020-02-21 14:14

The French woman's success with IVM (in vitro maturation) could lead to more ways for cancer patients to preserve their fertility, a new study says.

Cancer 20 February

2020-02-20 00:00

The spotlight is on relationships. You cannot ignore the signs. There is work to be done, and now is a great time to direct your intentions purposefully and go with your intuition.

Why health risks persist for young cancer survivors

2020-02-18 16:45

A new study found that the rate of total hospitalisations was almost 60% higher among cancer survivors than for other groups.

CRISPR Gene editing creates 'designer' immune cells that fight cancer

2020-02-17 18:45

Ultimately, researchers hope to use gene-editing technology to cure diseases caused by specific genetic mutations – or to genetically arm the immune system to fight the disease.

Cancer 14 February

2020-02-14 11:27

Valentine's day is loaded with expectation and it is easy to set fixed expectations and then feel disappointed when they don't work out quite the way you anticipated. Stay present and engage with the magic of what unfolds.

Cancer 12 February

2020-02-12 00:01

Balance is the focal point in home or family matters that are coming up at the moment. There may be some sensitive heartfelt matters that need to be addressed.

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