What to do when your car is written off after a crash

2020-02-12 17:00

There's nothing worse than being inconvenienced by a car crash, but even more so when your car is written off by the insurance. Here's everything you should know.

WATCH | Drive safe and you won't burn a hole in your pocket with car insurance

2019-10-04 13:00

Having car insurance is essential for any driver but the often steep premiums can make people turn a blind eye. Take a look at some of these tips to save cash on monthly payments.

SEE| Women and car insurance in SA; the myths and the facts

2019-08-29 09:30

There are many myths surrounding women and insurance. One that some people believe that is definitely untrue, is that women are worse drivers than men and submit more claims for accident damage to their vehicles.

Insurance traps to steer clear of

2019-08-13 11:10

Buying car insurance is easier than ever though due to the ease of obtaining quotes motorists can make the wrong decision in a moment of haste.

Here's why February 1 is known as Car Insurance Day

2019-02-01 10:30

It may sound strange but Car Insurance Day is an actual thing and it could be well worth your while to observe it on February 1 – here’s why.

5 ways to be smart about car insurance in the silly season

2018-12-28 07:25

SA's insurance experts share five top tips to ensure your journeys are safer, your premiums don't spike unnecessarily and any claims are not needlessly hampered.

WATCH: Driver crashes Ferrari minutes after renting it: Here's what you should about insuring a sports car in SA

2018-07-01 07:00

Owning a performance sports cars is a dream many petrolheads share but sadly many drivers lack the training and experience to handle fast vehicles on our roads.

Get the most ZAR for your car with CarZar’s competitive online car seller platform

2018-06-12 06:01

Want more Dough for your Renault, Dinero for your Pajero, Moolah for your Vrooma or Quota for your Toyota?

Fastest VW Golf GTI yet, 10 questions for car insurance: Top motoring stories of the week

2018-05-13 07:00

Catch all the past week's motoring stories which include new models, top stories and the latest technology in automotion.

What will affect your insurance when buying a used car?

2018-03-28 11:59

Apart from its license, insurance is the biggest grudge purchase car owners must make. But what has the biggest effect on the price of your premium when buying a used car and is there anything you can do to keep it as low as possible?


SEE | This is what happens when your car is 'written off' in a crash

2019-10-30 09:23

A car accident, no matter how small, is always a traumatic event, but finding out that your car is a write off is nothing short of devastating. Here's what happens when your car is 'written off'.

This vehicle tracking company promises you up to R1-million if your new Toyota gets stolen

2019-09-03 12:47

Vehicle tracking specialists Cartrack has launched an industry-first "R1-million Limited Recovery Warranty" in SA. The catch? It's reserved for Toyotas purchased from its affiliated dealers.

The ‘big 5’ obligations of short-term insurance

2019-08-21 08:00

Short term insurance. Sounds easy. You pay your insurer to take over your risk, so that when disaster strikes, your losses are covered. Bingo.

3 Short-term insurance savings myths busted

2019-07-15 09:50

As July is National Savings Month, it’s a time to reflect on your budget looking at where you are spending and where you could save more.

Thinking about cancelling your car insurance to save money? Here's how it could cost you in the long run

2019-01-24 08:41

'With the high crash statistics in South Africa, drivers who take on the roads without insurance are taking a huge risk,' warns Eugene Herbert of MasterDrive.

'Don't get stuck in the mud': See which insurer best suits your off-road needs

2018-09-18 18:00

Before you head out on your epic adventure, it is a good idea to check exactly what you’re covered for should your trip see you stuck in the mud, stuck for a mechanic or up a creek without a paddle.

Get the most ZAR for your car with CarZar’s competitive online car seller platform

2018-06-13 09:36

Selling your old car and buying a new one can be quite tricky. Look no further than’s competitive online car platform.

10 smart questions to ask when insuring your car

2018-05-15 07:57

Cheaper vehicle insurance is not necessarily the better option, according to the Automobile Association. Here are 10 financially smart questions you need to ask when choosing an insurer.

Cheaper isn’t always better: 10 critical questions when considering car insurance in SA

2018-05-11 10:57

"Insurance is a necessity but it is more important that when taking out insurance motorists understand exactly what they are getting," says the Automobile Association. What do you think of car insurers in SA?

How much do need your car? 37% of SA drivers are 'unable to function' without their wheels

2018-03-07 12:11

Here's how many South African motorists consider themselves to be "very or extremely attached" to their car.

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