3 ways to avoid your vehicle being car-jammed

2019-07-16 11:42

A large part of car-jacking can be attributed to the use of signal jamming devices, which is becoming more prevalent in leaving motorists vulnerable to theft. Here are some tips to help mitigate falling prey to this vehicle crime.

WATCH: How to keep your car safe from thieves

2019-05-09 11:15

With car theft on the rise, a former burglar turned security expert offers tips on keeping your vehicle safe.

GTA: 3 teens busted for stealing 46 cars!

2018-03-13 09:36

Three teens have been arrested for car theft - the criminal trio are linked to the theft of more than 40 high-end vehicles in Florida.

Thief steals a car, gets busted staring at an eclipse

2017-08-25 08:54

"He never saw it coming. That only happens every 99 years,' said Florida authorities after arresting a 22-year-old man for stealing a vehicle. Police caught the thief after he stopped to stare at a solar eclipse.

Got your stolen car back? Here’s how to get police clearance to licence it in SA

2017-07-11 08:32

Car stolen? Even if the police recover your vehicle, unless you follow procedure you won’t be able to retrieve or licence your car. Here's what you need to know in SA.

Has your vehicle been stolen? Here's how car thieves operate

2017-07-04 12:51

Car theft is a huge problem in South African but motorists continue to remain victims of the crime with statistics growing year on year. Here's how they do it.

Vehicle tracking vs. vehicle recovery: Do you know the difference?

2017-05-24 14:00

'Investing in a vehicle recovery device has now shifted from a ‘nice-to-have’ to a necessity,' Tracking company Beame explains the difference between vehicle tracking and vehicle recovery.

Thieves perform epic heist, crash Mustang into cop car!

2016-08-22 08:17

A group of thieves carried out what appears to be a meticulously planned heist of a Ford dealership. The worst part? One of the criminals wrecked a Mustang by crashing into a cop car.

WATCH: Ninja kick thwarts car thief!

CCTV footage from an Australian petrol station in November 2015 shows a man pull off an awesome ninja kick to hinder the efforts of a wanna-be car thief.

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Car theft: why old tech beats new tech

2014-12-15 09:06

High-tech gizmos and savvy thieves are ripping off high-end cars in the UK at an apparently unprecedented rate. How? And what can you do about it - find out here.


WATCH: Here's how car theft and accidents could really cost you

2019-07-12 10:41

While insurance is an essential aspect of recovering financially from a vehicle theft or accident, there are still unexpected costs you may not have planned for.

WATCH: Thieves use 'relay attack' to steal cars

2018-06-01 08:17

A ‘relay attack’ is a new method used by car thieves, which involves two criminals working together using electronic signal-relay devices.

New car theft technique: Thieves use ‘relay attack’ to steal Mercedes

2017-12-05 14:59

Motorists are at risk of having their car stolen by criminals using a new theft technique - a 'relay attack'. A device can store your car-key signal from inside your home, allowing thieves to steal your vehicle!

WATCH: Teen linked to 23 stolen cars, recruited other kids

2017-07-13 09:04

A high-school teenager has been arrested in Louisville, Kentucky reportedly responsible for the theft of at least 23 vehicles.

Midweek motoring wrap: New BMW 4 Series, Volvo to go 'all-electric'

2017-07-05 14:14

From the new Golf GTD to BMW's next-gen B-Series... here are top motoring stories you shouldn't miss.

Thai customs seize 15 luxury cars reported stolen in UK

2017-07-03 08:31

Thai customs has seized 15 of 42 luxury cars that British authorities said were stolen and exported to Thailand.

Wanted man held at court

2016-10-20 11:16

With a rap sheet spanning more than 10 years, one of the city’s most wanted criminals has again been arrested, with a string of new charges to his name.

WATCH: Car thief steals BMW i3, says it will 'leave anything for dust'

Listen to a London car thief go absolutely bonkers after stealing a BMW i3. The thief appeared to be unaware of a dash-cam fitted to the electric car as while waxing lyrical to a potential buyer. WARNING: Strong language.

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SA's vehicle crime stats: 'Not under control'

2015-09-30 10:10

'Crime statistics cannot be described as normal nor under control,' says Arrive Alive. We list the biggest threats and how to protect yourself on SA's roads.

8 tips to prevent your car being stolen

2014-09-26 06:39

Luxury vehicles are the latest target of car theft syndicates in South Africa. Here are some top tips to prevent your vehicle becoming another crime statistic.

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