Costa Rica seizes record five tonnes of cocaine

2020-02-16 09:08

Costa Rican police on Saturday made the largest drug seizure in the country's history after discovering more than five tonnes of cocaine hidden in a container due to be shipped to the Netherlands.

British MP facing suspension after cocaine probe

2019-10-29 05:13

A British MP who headed a parliamentary committee probing drug policies is facing a six-month suspension after a lengthy inquiry into claims he offered to pay for cocaine.

Waves caused by Hurricane Dorian are washing up bricks of cocaine on Florida beaches

2019-09-05 11:07

Hurricane Dorian blew past Florida's eastern coast earlier this week, stirring up waves and causing kilos of cocaine to wash up on Florida beaches.

Someone in South Africa apparently tried to ship R1.4 billion worth of cocaine into Australia – by welding it into a giant yellow excavator

2019-07-17 15:59

The find represents the biggest ever drug interception in the history of Australia's federal police – nearly half, in a single haul, as much as police there seized in all of the previous year.

A Japanese man died on a flight from Colombia to Tokyo after swallowing 246 packets of cocaine

2019-05-28 12:16

The 42-year-old died on Friday before AeroMexico flight AM58 could make an emergency landing at Mexico's Hermosillo Airport.

R400 million worth of cocaine was hidden in banana crates sent to Germany, and nobody noticed until they reached supermarkets

2019-04-08 12:06

Employees in six Aldi supermarkets and a warehouse in northern Germany found a total of half a ton of cocaine hidden among bananas this week.

Watch: Pablo Escobar’s sex-crazed cocaine hippos are causing mayhem

2018-09-07 16:06

Cocaine trafficker Pablo Escobar's hippos are making trouble.

Into Africa: cocaine, commodities and a blue-blooded trader

2016-09-30 09:30

A ship set sail for Africa with Brazilian bounties like sugar and coffee, but nesting amidships was one container with a different kind of cargo: 200 pounds of cocaine.

Why meth and coke are worse for women than men

2015-07-22 11:05

Women formerly addicted to stimulant drugs such as cocaine or meth have a smaller amount of a type of brain tissue known as "grey matter", which affects their ability to think.

Cocaine increases stroke risk sevenfold

2014-02-13 14:23

A new study indicates that in the 24 hours after using cocaine, a young adult's risk of a stroke increases almost sevenfold.


A pack of feral hogs in Italy reportedly destroyed R300,000 worth of cocaine hidden in the woods

2019-11-14 12:18

Four suspects were arrested in connection with the coke bust. It is not immediately clear how the wild boars reacted to exposure to the cocaine.

A family found more than R9 million in cocaine on the beach during their vacation

2019-10-09 12:19

A man and his family discovered 20 bricks of cocaine while on vacation in South Carolina, estimated to be worth $600,000.

Here's what 5 experts told us about the R13 billion worth of cocaine found on a boat owned by JPMorgan

2019-07-18 12:51

"No cartel would risk such a large amount of their product unless they were pretty sure they had the right 'controls' in place."

Europe fights the 'Uberisation' of cocaine trade

2019-06-07 10:33

Purity is at its highest in years, as competition between dealers leads to innovations in cocaine trade, EU agency says.

Cocaine has been found in some UK shrimp, and it's part of a disturbing trend of drug-filled shellfish

2019-05-03 05:38

Shrimp in five UK rivers have tested positive for trace amounts of cocaine. This is just one example of drug-filled shellfish around the world.

Belgian port Antwerp netted record cocaine haul in 2018

2019-01-12 09:48

Belgian authorities said Friday they had seized a record haul of more than 50 tonnes of cocaine at the port of Antwerp in 2018.

These are the 5 most addictive substances on the planet

2018-03-09 17:10

To compare addictive drugs, scientists averaged 3 factors: physical harm, dependency or addiction, and social harm.

Woman arrested at OR Tambo with R2m worth of cocaine

2016-08-15 17:57

Sars customs officials have arrested a woman at OR Tambo International Airport with R2m worth of cocaine.

Boy living in 'smoky house' taken from parents

2015-06-02 15:29

A two-year-old boy in the UK has been placed for adoption after a judge heard concerns about the level of cigarette smoke in the family home.

The weirdest ways people have smuggled drugs

2014-02-13 13:44

There are many other ways of smuggling drugs besides using drug mules. Here are the most popular ones. And some odd ones, too.

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