Beware the Brussels sprouts: People told Hilary Duff to stop eating these veggies and it could solve all your colicky problems too

2019-01-09 16:56

Mom and gran's probably told you to avoid certain foods at all costs while breastfeeding. You can add Brussels sprouts to that list too, as Hilary Duff found out.

6 quick tricks for trying babies

2017-01-10 10:13

There is no cure for colic. But there are some actions you can take to help you survive the very worst of it – and, if you’re lucky, even prevent it from running its course

Mom, don't leave me!

2015-12-01 10:14

Any kind of separation from your child can cause her a great deal of distress. But there are ways to make this natural stage of babyhood easier for both of you.

What's wrong with my 6-week-old

2015-10-12 10:20

Just as soon as you get used to your newborn's habits, he hits the six-week mark, and the whole game changes. Here's what to expect - and how to cope.

Probiotics don't help babies with colic

2014-04-02 14:36

An Australian study found that giving probiotics to babies with colic doesn't seem to make any difference to their levels of discomfort. It did not reduce their crying or fussing.

Baby Sense Seminars help prepare for parenthood

2011-07-20 10:05

The Johnson's Baby Sense Seminars are probably the closest thing to a crash course in parenting.

Treating colic with osteopathy

2010-11-01 14:08

The bones in the neck and spine can affect the baby’s digestive system, says osteopath Dr Guy Ashburner.

Calming your colicky baby

2010-08-31 13:58

There is good news for parents with a colicky baby. Good bacteria could be your saving grace!

How do I know if my baby has reflux?

2010-03-08 22:22

Vomiting is normal in babies if it occurs as a little spit-up after feeding and when your baby breaks wind – this is called posseting. Excessive vomiting, however, especially if related to feeding, may well be reflux.


Acupuncture might help your colicky baby

2017-01-17 11:09

No specific treatment or medicine is available for colic, but Swedish researchers are investigating the efficacy of acupuncture.

New moms: How to cope with colic

2016-10-06 10:20

Many new moms fear the dreaded C: colic. Here's the help you need.

10 ways to soothe your crying baby that actually work

2015-11-05 11:16

Have you tried just about everything you can think of to soothe your crying baby? Try these clever solutions when nothing else works.

New dad discovers the amazing power of love [WATCH]

2014-08-14 14:50

This stunning, simple concept captures a wonderful feel-good parenting moment.

Probiotic drops might ease colic

2014-01-14 14:08

Italian researchers say that infants given probiotics during the first three months of life appear to have fewer bouts of colic, acid reflux and constipation.

What is osteopathy?

2010-11-01 14:26

This well-established technique is based on gentle correction of the body’s frame.

A hands-on way to treat colic

2010-11-01 13:34

An osteopath explains why gentle manipulation can ease the pain of colic.

Is colic a myth?

2010-05-10 13:39

There are doctors who believe that colic isn’t real. I’m sure there are parents who would disagree.

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