Joburg Zoo threatens to sue animal rights group over 'distressed' elephants video

2019-08-16 14:04

The Johannesburg Zoo finds itself embroiled in another legal controversy after three elephants were caught on video in seeming distress on Elephant Day, according to animal experts.

In Botswana, elephant hunting divides opinion

2019-08-07 05:50

Conservationists doubt theory that lifting hunting ban and controlling elephant population will stem attacks on humans.

WATCH: Why should we be worried by Earth Overshoot Day?

2019-07-29 20:03

July 29 marks the date that scientists have calculated humanity has depleted its annual limit of natural resources. But what does this actually mean, and why should we be concerned?

Computers are starting to track South African animal 'celebrities' and bring the bush into your lounge

2019-07-20 08:49

The AI may also eventually combat poaching and predict animal behaviour.

Deforestation + climate change = dead end for wildlife

2019-07-09 13:58

Climate change combined with galloping tropical deforestation is cutting off wildlife from life-saving cooler climes, heightening the risk of extinction, researchers said.

WATCH: Working to save India's coral reefs

2019-07-04 08:38

India's coral reefs are under threat from rising temperatures of the oceans and plastic pollution.

Greenpeace sounds alarm over shark overfishing in North Atlantic

2019-06-27 12:59

Thousands of endangered sharks are killed each year in the North Atlantic due to a lack of protection against overfishing in international waters, Greenpeace said.

Two suspected rhino poachers die after ramming into goat during high-speed car chase

2019-06-19 09:08

Two suspected rhino poachers have died after their car overturned while trying to escape from game rangers in Zimbabwe.

Turtle power: Indian temple helps nurture 'extinct' turtle back to life

The black softshell turtle was declared extinct in the wild as far back as 2002,

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WATCH: Rat poison threatens the survival of Cape Town's caracals

2019-06-13 12:36

There are fresh fears for the future of the Cape Peninsula's caracals following a study showing widespread exposure to rat poisons.

An autonomous ‘SharkCam’ spied on basking sharks in the UK to reveal their secret shy lives

Scientists hope the images will reinforce the case for creating the world’s first protected area for basking sharks in this part of the sea.

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Humanity's next test: Feed 10 billion without ruining Earth

2019-08-02 21:39

Experts began negotiating the most comprehensive scientific assessment ever of the role the land we live off plays in climate change, expected to highlight the stark choices humanity faces to feed 10 billion people while preserving Nature.

Elephants can smell quantity, a study suggests. It's a new level of olfactory prowess.

2019-07-29 17:45

Elephants in a recent study picked out larger amounts of seeds by smell alone. Some could smell the difference between 150 and 180 sunflower seeds.

Iceland tries to bring back trees razed by the Vikings

2019-07-20 08:13

Before being colonised by the Vikings, Iceland was lush with forests but the fearsome warriors razed everything to the ground and the nation is now struggling to reforest the island.

WATCH: Eel trafficking - the £3bn illegal trade becoming a major wildlife crime

2019-07-09 08:29

Authorities are battling against a trade seeing more than 300 million European eels trafficked from Europe to Asia each year.

WATCH: British sculptor creates underwater exhibition in Tuscany

2019-06-27 18:32

Young's Carrara Marble structures are 8m below the sea and contribute to conserving the area's underwater ecosystem.

Mum raises chick alone as Roodekrans black eagle male 'unlikely' to return

2019-06-21 08:02

The famous black eagle male who has been an institution at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens since 1998 has still not returned since going missing on June 8. And, according to Black Eagle Project Roodekrans chairperson Gerald Draper, he is unlikely to return.

Roodekrans male black eagle still missing, mother feeding chick alone

2019-06-18 14:49

The male black eagle that has been a resident of the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens since 1988 has still not returned after going missing more than a week ago.

WATCH: Water from air - Here's how Ford, World Vision's cool tech will help drought-stricken communities in SA

2019-06-14 12:07

Drought-stricken communities in the Eastern Cape are set to benefit from an innovative mobile water-generation project launched by World Vision South Africa, and funded by the Bill Ford Better World Challenge.

WATCH: Louis the pangolin reintroduced into the wild after being saved from poachers

2019-06-11 07:06

A pangolin - the world's most-poached mammal - that was saved from poachers is slowly being reintroduced into the wild. And he has a new mate, to boot.

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