A study shows how getting married could possibly lower your odds of developing dementia

2019-09-06 14:50

A study discovered that married people are believed to have a lower chance of developing dementia than those who are divorced or separated, widowed, or never married.

Why you shouldn't consider 'diet' or 'lite' cold drinks as the better option

2019-08-24 13:00

If you thought drinking the 'diet' equivalent of a cold drink was the healthier option, think again.

Anaemia linked to higher odds for dementia in seniors

2019-08-16 05:23

New research shows that people with anaemia were considerably more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia than those without anaemia.

Taking care of your heart means you're taking care of your brain too

2019-08-13 05:00

A new study that suggests good heart health in middle age could lower your odds for problems with thinking and memory later in life.

Cancer survivors may have lower odds for dementia

2019-07-10 05:31

There is a theory that some of the biological processes that contribute to cancer may actually protect against dementia.

Could the Alzheimer's genes start showing effects in your 20s?

2019-07-04 19:30

When young people with a family history of Alzheimer's disease suffer from memory lapses, it may be reason to start worrying.

For some, trouble tracking finances could be sign of dementia

2019-07-01 19:30

There is the perception that financial difficulties may occur only in the late stages of dementia, but this can actually happen quite early.

WATCH: New study detects Alzheimer's up to 30 years before symptoms appear

2019-06-18 15:58

What if you could determine if you'll develop Alzheimer's, years in advance?

Fewer periods may mean higher dementia risk

2019-04-09 14:41

A new study indicates that a woman's lifetime exposure to oestrogen might affect her memory and thinking.

Keep moving to keep brain sharp in old age

2019-01-23 06:30

A new study suggests that a more active lifestyle, including physical, cognitive and social activities, may help maintain cognition in older adults.


How women's mid-life stress might have a long-term effect on memory

2019-08-26 04:50

The findings of a new study add to evidence that stress hormones affect the brain health of women and men differently.

How to recognise when your ageing parents need help

2019-08-23 08:50

Is Dad's forgetfulness normal ageing or a sign of something more serious, such as dementia?

How tight blood pressure control could help save ageing brains

2019-08-15 21:30

A recent study found that people who got 'intensive' control of their high blood pressure showed a slowing of accumulation of certain lesions in the brain's white matter.

Woman opens up about her mom’s dementia

2019-07-18 15:31

Dementia is something most of us would rather not think about . . . until it affects us directly.

Your genetics don't play as big a role in Alzheimer's as you might think

2019-07-06 18:30

No, brain degeneration doesn't happen overnight.

Nursing homes are giving Alzheimer's patients baby dolls as a form of therapy

2019-07-02 12:34

Pearl’'s Memory Babies, a nonprofit group based in Kentucky, was launched after its founder saw the lasting effect a doll had on her mother-in-law.

How education, intelligence could protect your brain

2019-06-26 14:54

Researchers found that people with more education scored better on tests of memory and language than those with less education, no matter how much plaque their brains contained.

How doing Sudoku and crossword puzzles could make your brain years younger

2019-05-27 16:38

New research supports previous findings that regular use of word and number puzzles helps keep our brains working better for longer.

Could gut bacteria be linked to dementia risk?

2019-03-11 19:06

Researchers have found that the makeup of the gut microbiome is linked to risks for conditions, such as dementia, obesity, asthma and type 1 diabetes.

There's even more evidence that one type of diet is the best for your body and brain

2019-01-06 22:00

If you're looking to eat healthier, lose weight, and have more energy during the day, researchers advise trying a plant-based or Mediterranean diet.

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