OPINION: Hong Kong protests not about democracy, but weakening its economy

2019-12-19 15:48

The people of Hong Kong, like the people of so many developing countries, would be fooled to think that they have an ally in the United States, under a Democratic or Republic administration, writes Wesley Seale.

OPINION: Could Maimane's resignation spark a health of democracy?

2019-10-27 09:50

In many countries, politicians fall on their sword on a gratifyingly regular basis. However, in our Rainbow Nation such examples are conspicuous by their absence, writes Rich Mkhondo.

ANALYSIS: Buthelezi's succession sparks democracy debate

2019-09-19 08:15

It is irrefutable that, despite many challenges, Prince Buthelezi held the IFP together. As he signed off, it was the manner of the leadership transition that captured many people’s attention.

Thousands of Hong Kong protesters are waving American flags and asking Donald Trump for help

2019-09-08 15:14

"President Trump, please liberate Hong Kong," one of theirs banners read.

The tricky business of stopping social media abuse without curbing freedom of expression

2019-08-12 11:43

The invocation of freedom of speech to justify any and every form of expression on social media simply cannot be justified unless we have no interest in the preservation of democracy, writes Serjeant at the Bar.

As political lawfare burgeons, what does it mean for SA's fledgling democracy?

2019-07-27 08:00

How has the most recent judgment concerning Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane, affected this vital cog in the democratic framework, asks Hugh Corder.

SA's constitution has served the country well - Ramaphosa on SA's 25 years as a democracy

2019-07-23 18:10

President Cyril Ramaphosa says that while the country has problems, its democratic system based on a strong constitution has served South Africa well.

Solly Moeng: It's Ramaphosa's time, and we should stand behind him

2019-05-29 06:02

Few men and women in South African politics have had as many false starts as President Cyril Ramaphosa has, but he'll be writing his chapter in history now, says Solly Moeng.

SA flag designer dies

2019-05-12 19:29

The Department of Arts and Culture has paid tribute to 79-year-old Fred Brownwell, the man who designed SA's iconic democratic national flag.

South Africa elections are a litmus test of democracy in Africa

2019-05-09 10:18

Having recently taken up a new two-year term as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, South Africa should assume its place as a leader in deepening democracy and human rights, writes Webster Zambara.


Twitter's ban on political ads is a 'bold statement' and ratchets up the pressure on Facebook amid harsh criticism over its tolerance for lies in political ads

2019-10-31 06:54

The change won't cost Twitter very much, but it saves them a lot of future headaches and puts pressure on its competitors, Facebook and Google.

Hong Kong protesters say they're prepared to fight for democracy 'until we win or we die'

2019-10-03 10:47

"We'd rather die in the fight than slowly suffocate to death after we lose the fight," one protester told Business Insider.

Ralph Mathekga: Will populism take down democracy?

2019-09-17 08:19

Will populist political projects eventually lead to the collapse of democracy? The answer is complicated, but there is a second option, writes Ralph Mathekga.

Our obsession with the ANC is killing us

2019-08-06 08:07

Our obsession with the ANC is keeping us from engaging about what is really important. We fail deliberately in rescuing the public dialogue, writes Ralph Mathekga.

On Putin, the end of liberalism and the dangerous figures in SA's democracy

2019-07-25 16:40

South Africa's expansive social welfare system is an essential buffer for all those millions of people who do not benefit from the neo-liberal aspects of government policy. But more needs to be done, writes Christi van der Westhuizen.

Forget about leaders, democracy is strengthened when people act together

2019-06-30 07:00

Democracy's prospects in Africa depend not on finding better leaders but on ensuring that more people can act together to ensure that government serves them, writes Steven Friedman.

Congratulations to the people of South Africa for the strength of your democracy!

2019-05-16 05:00

Whether in Brussels, Pretoria or Berlin, we face many challenges when it comes to elections. Voter participation is a key one; getting young people out to vote in particular. South Africa is no exception, writes Martin Schäfer.

e-Voting: Election fix or hacker's paradise?

2019-05-10 15:50

E-voting could help reduce incidents of double voting and the spoiling of ballot papers, say experts - but there could be serious drawbacks too.

INSIDE LABOUR: Words as weapons and flawed democracy

2019-05-03 11:33

Words have the power to create illusions of reality and can trigger emotional responses rather than encourage critical thought,. They should be used wisely, says Terry Bell.

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