Antidepressants might raise odds for serious pregnancy complication

2019-10-16 16:45

According to a new study, antidepressants and gestational diabetes appear to be linked. It can, however, not be proven that antidepressants cause gestational diabetes.

“Your salary can’t afford that”: SA tweets on #SalaryDepression

2019-10-10 16:23

The SARB recently revealed that local salary growth was the lowest ever.

If you don't date in your teens, you may be less depressed and have better social skills

2019-09-25 18:45

A new study reveals that teenagers who are not in romantic relationships are less depressed than their peers and have stronger social skills.

Tackling depression: ‘If people aren’t told to pray, they’re told they’re bewitched’

2019-09-13 11:45

When Motheo Lengoasa was referred to a psychiatric hospital for depression, she refused to go, saying she was not crazy. But, she realises that was a misconception.

Reach out – 5 tips on how to support someone who may be suicidal

2019-09-10 20:50

Worldwide, one person commits suicide every forty seconds. Understanding why someone is suicidal is complex, but if you believe someone you know is at risk, you should speak up.

For as little as R50 a session, these counselling facilities can lend an ear to SA women in need right now

2019-09-05 17:14

These facilities might help you or a friend in need.

Teens who eat lots of fast food and avoid fruits and vegetables may be more likely to have depression

2019-09-04 17:22

Diets high in sodium and low in potassium were associated with poorer mental health, even when accounting for factors like family wealth and BMI.

Calls for tertiary institutions to prioritise mental health

2019-08-02 17:00

Could financial woes, family issues and feeling homesick contribute to students struggling with mental health issues?

Mental illness among employees is on the rise: can workplace wellness programmes help?

2019-07-13 10:00

Stress, burnout and anxiety are increasing in the workplace and directly affect employees' ability to work efficiently. Should the onus be on the employer to ensure employee wellness, and consequent maximum productivity?

Do dimmer days in pregnancy raise the risk for postpartum depression?

2019-06-12 19:00

Researchers recommend doctors encourage pregnant women who are at high risk for postpartum depression to increase their exposure to sunlight.


Could eating healthier be a natural antidepressant?

2019-10-11 04:45

According to a small study of young adults with poor diets and moderate-to-high symptoms of depression - those who made healthier food choices reported less anxiety and much better moods within a matter of weeks.

Anxious all the time? It could be that you’re purposefully choosing worrying over relaxing

2019-10-09 16:45

According to a theory developed in 2011, people may intentionally make themselves anxious as a way to avoid the letdown they might get if something bad were to happen.

Lots of time on social media linked to anxiety and depression in teens

2019-09-17 16:50

A new study found that the more time teens spent on social media, the more likely they were to have issues like anxiety and depression on follow-up.

Warning signs someone is feeling suicidal

2019-09-12 15:28

There are professional people you can talk to if you are having suicidal thoughts.

Breakthrough research establishes definite link between depression and multiple diseases

2019-09-09 08:50

New research has identified major depressive disorder as the cause of at least 20 diseases – which will lead to better ways to detect and manage disease in those with depression.

Coping techniques for when you can't get to a therapist

2019-09-05 17:04

It's important to take care of your mental health, even when you can't access a professional's help.

Taking the pill as a teenager may have long-lasting effect on depression risk

2019-08-29 12:36

Recently, the largest study to date on this topic concluded that women who are using the pill or other hormonal contraceptives are at an increased risk for depression. The study also showed that this relationship was strongest in teenaged girls.

Too much social media a depression risk for teens

2019-07-17 19:30

New research reveals that increased time spent by teenagers using some forms of digital media in a given year predicts depressive symptoms within that same year.

Why do young women get addicted to indoor tanning?

2019-06-24 20:30

A study found that dopamine mutations in women, coupled with other mutations linked to depression, increase the risk of tanning addiction by up to 13 times.

OPINION: 'It's OK for a doctor not to be OK'

2019-06-06 11:09

Healthcare professionals run at full tilt, often putting the health and well-being of their patients ahead of their own. Lizette Rabe highlights the importance of sound mental-health care among the medical profession, along with medical students.

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