American doctors want a warning label on cheese because of a link to breast cancer, but the evidence is mixed

2019-10-15 10:47

An American nonprofit with 12,000 doctor members has petitioned the US FDA. A nutritionist said cheese is still safe in moderation.

5 tips on how to eat more whole foods

2019-10-13 06:45

With so many diet trends and conflicting advice, it’s easy to feel lost and confused when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Here’s why you should make whole foods your diet for life.

Your meatballs may taste good with tomato sauce, but this could have an unusual health downside

2019-09-25 16:45

While it makes for a hearty meal, iron-rich foods with tomato sauce may deprive you of some critical health benefits, new research has found.

"I lost 27 kilos and I did it all from the comfort of my own home"

2019-09-23 08:45

Proof that you don't need to go to a gym!

Scientists explore a surprising new source of omega-3s

2019-09-19 08:45

Even though fish is a great source of omega-3s, it's costly and the shortage of fish – globally – is growing, but scientists are exploring another avenue for humans to get their 'brain food'.

Your lifestyle may explain premature heart disease better than your genetics

2019-09-18 14:50

A new study has shown that it is in fact your lifestyle and not necessarily your genetics that explains most premature heart disease.

WATCH: Doctors warn of childhood diets

2019-09-15 06:45

[STRINGER video] Diet companies have become the new 'weight watchers', but experts are warning parents to keep their kids safe from diet culture.


Veggies' popularity is all in the name

2019-10-13 12:45

In a study, students were almost thirty percent more likely to select veggies when taste was emphasised rather than health.

Putting pressure on your kids to diet can backfire and result in damaging long-term health problems

2019-10-09 11:45

Parent should be careful how they broach the topic of their child's weight, because it could damage their self-esteem, along with increasing the risk of them developing eating disorders.

Red meat unhealthy? Maybe not, after all

2019-10-02 11:30

Cutting back on red meat is standard medical advice to prevent cancer and heart disease – but a review of dozens of studies has concluded that the potential risk is low and evidence uncertain.

How do high-fat diets increase your appetite?

2019-09-25 11:45

A new study has revealed that high-fat diets can cause neurological changes in the brain and cause you to eat more.

'I was as wide as I was tall before I started my 25kg weight loss plan'

2019-09-23 20:45

After 6 failed attempts, it was plan #7 that actually worked.

Does a plant-based diet actually increase metabolism or not?

2019-09-23 04:45

An expert weighs in.

WATCH: This 'human cheese' is made from celebrity armpit bacteria

2019-09-20 04:45

Imagine eating a cheese made with bacteria from the armpits, noses and bellybuttons of your favourite celebrity. Well, now it's a real thing.

How later bedtimes could mean wider waistlines for teen girls

2019-09-18 20:45

Research reveals that teen girls, who want to be night owls, but need to be early birds, are at higher risk of gaining weight around their waist.

Can sugar really weaken your immune system?

2019-09-18 11:50

You know you need to reduce your sugar intake, but is it absolutely necessary to give up your favourite cold drink?

There's a keto diet for vegetarians that shuns meat and carbs. These 7 meals illustrate what foods are left.

2019-09-14 16:09

The so-called ketotarian diet requires lots of plant-based fat, so avocados, olives, and coconut oil dominate the menu.

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