Meet the camels, Beluga spy whales, and other animals who serve in militaries around the world

2019-09-16 18:50

Technology has phased many animals out of military service, but there are still just some tasks where only an animal will do.

Toxic pond algae killing dogs – how to protect your pooch

2019-08-20 14:45

Blue-green algae are bacteria that during certain times of year, and certain weather conditions, will produce a toxin that's very harmful to dogs.

20 hysterical photos of dogs taken at the wrong time

2019-08-04 11:04

These photos may have been taken when the pups weren't striking their best poses, but they prove that even unflattering photos of dogs are adorable.

WATCH: How dogs smell

2019-07-13 15:30

Do you know just how intricate a dog's sense of smell is?

WATCH: Disabled shelter dogs exercising on the beach in wheelchairs will melt your heart

2019-07-08 11:42

A video of a group of disabled dogs running on the beach with owner Salima Kadaoui in Morocco is melting hearts all over social media.

WATCH: Keep your pup warm this winter with their own onesie

2019-06-24 17:00

This dog onesie contains pet hair and dander reduces anxiety and can replace medical cones for dogs.

Watch: Why pedigree dogs are so expensive

The value of the UK pet products and services market is forecast to reach R39 billion by 2023.

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Your DNA might determine whether you're a dog lover

2019-05-24 17:02

A recent study found that a person's genetic makeup appears to be a significant influence in whether they own a dog.

The supposed origins of 18 popular dog breed names

2019-05-04 13:08

From pugs and bloodhounds to pit bulls and beagles, here's how some of the most popular dog breeds may have gotten their names.

This photographer takes photos of dogs trying to catch treats, and the results will bring a smile to your face

2019-04-04 08:54

Christian Vieler is a photographer who takes photos of dogs the moment that they try and catch dog treats, and the results are hilarious.


How humans have been shaping the brains of their best friends for hundreds of years

2019-09-06 20:50

Scientists say that breeding dogs to bring out specific traits has over time influenced their evolution in many ways.

A YouTuber is defending herself after accidentally uploading raw footage showing her hitting and appearing to spit on her dog

2019-08-08 17:02

Houts issued an apology to fans on Twitter, saying that she was having a bad week and that she's not an animal abuser "in any way, shape, or form".

How to make cement dog bowls

2019-07-19 15:58

Shape the future with these dog bowls, one for food and one for water, made with Lafarge DuraBuild cement.

WATCH: Dog chases bear out of backyard

2019-07-11 19:42

A backyard camera in Hewitt, New Jersey recorded a black bear knocking over a bird feeder and eating the bird food only to be chased away by a fast-moving dog.

WATCH: Pooches on parade at the Furbabies dog show

2019-06-30 22:39

These pets patiently allow their doting owners to dress them for the dog show.

A dog with 'fainting goat syndrome' freezes and falls down when he gets excited, and nobody can figure out why

2019-06-21 11:31

Peter the cocker spaniel has a neurological condition, similar to that of Mytonic goats, where he occasionally becomes temporarily paralysed.

How to tell if you're actually ready to have multiple pets

2019-06-04 13:03

Becoming a multi-pet household is a big deal. Here's how to tell if you're ready to own multiple pets, whether it be cats, dogs, or other animals.

This dad turned his pooch into a tutor for his daughter

2019-05-15 10:22

One smart dad just uncovered a hidden dog talent, providing yet another reason to love our fur family.

Watch: new research reveals how dogs can detect epileptic seizures up to 45 minutes before they happen

A recent study shows that dogs can detect epileptic seizures through smell, up to 45 minutes before they occur. New research reveals how they do it.

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