Why James Cameron is arguing with a fellow millionaire about who dove to the deepest point in the ocean

2019-10-15 08:37

"Titanic" director James Cameron is arguing very publicly with a fellow multi-millionaire explorer about which one of them dove deeper. Here's why.

A floating plastic island in the San Francisco Bay may offer a new way to protect coasts from floods. It could even house people inside.

2019-10-14 10:31

As marine animals attach to the island, the structure could also help calm the ocean's current, which could protect the coast from flooding.

What first class looks like on 12 trains from around the world

2019-10-13 15:29

From spacious cabins to sparkling dining rooms and reclining seats, here's what top-notch travel looks like on trains around the world.

These are the deepest and largest man-made holes in the world

2019-10-13 10:00

Humans might not have ever reached the Earth's mantle, but they've gone deep. Here are some of the deepest man-made holes in the world.

You probably had no idea that there are secret images hidden in these 14 famous works of art

2019-10-13 09:22

Some of the most famous pieces of art have secrets that are still being discovered hundreds of years after their completion. Can you spot the hidden images?

The top 10 cities around the world with the most ultra-wealthy people, ranked

2019-10-12 10:13

Ten cities comprise 18.9% of the world's ultra-wealthy population, according to Wealth-X's 2019 World Ultra Wealth Report. Six of them are in the US.

Auditions now open for an exciting new South African food reality show

2019-10-11 15:11

SABC 3 and Stella Artois are joining forces to find South Africa’s next foodie sensation.

5 elements of Japanese food etiquette that might shock you

2019-10-11 12:28

Asia is on every foodie’s radar right now. If you’re in Japan or perhaps planning a trip there, don’t be caught off guard.

8 Foods that are good for climate change

2019-10-10 13:48

Tired of feeling swak about the planet? Now you can do your bit for the climate crisis with clever food choices.

Saudi Arabia is admitting general tourists for the first time. Here's 20 things that could get you arrested or fined, like dabbing, carrying a bible, or wearing shorts

2019-10-09 17:43

Saudi law is based on Islamic Shariah law, and is therefore myriad, and often open to the interpretations of the judges. Here's what to watch out for.


Researchers calculated how much the average person would need to be paid to live a year without services like email and search engines. Here are the final numbers.

2019-10-14 15:06

The team of researchers found that free digital goods "provide substantial value to consumers even if they do not contribute substantially to GDP."

A US startup can 3D-print tiny homes in 24 hours for a fraction of traditional building costs — here's how it could revolutionise affordable housing

2019-10-13 20:58

The Austin startup can build 3D-printed homes on-location, instead of at an off-site factory, for cheaper than traditional home building.

A tiny Icelandic island with a population of 6 people — and zero cars — has just been named the world's best. These photos show what it's like to visit.

2019-10-13 12:12

The remote island of Flatey, off the west coast of Iceland, came first in Big 7 Travel's list of the world's top 50 islands for 2019.

8 things to do when you first meet someone if you want them to remember you forever

2019-10-13 09:31

Here's how to make a lasting impression.

30 award-winning nature photos that will make you fall in love with the world

2019-10-12 12:45

The Nature Conservancy holds an annual nature photography contest to raise awareness for conservation.

What happened when US presidents Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton faced impeachment

2019-10-12 09:52

Presidents Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998 were both impeached, while Richard Nixon resigned before he could be impeached in 1974.

China and the NBA are coming to blows over a pro-Hong Kong tweet. Here's why.

2019-10-11 12:41

Chinese leagues, streaming services, sponsors, and partners, have cut ties with the Rockets and the NBA in response to the tweet.

A winner of this year's Nobel prize in physics is convinced we'll detect alien life in 100 years. Here are 13 reasons why we haven't made contact yet.

2019-10-11 08:51

A Nobel prize-winner thinks we'll detect aliens within 100 years, possibly sooner. Other scientists think we might never make contact.

A new judging trio for MasterChef Australia has been announced

2019-10-10 12:17

The new trio comprises a former Masterchef winner, Australia’s hottest chef and a food writer.

A brutal dictator, warring US partners, and a former al-Qaeda branch: Here's who controls Syria now

2019-10-09 10:02

The post-ISIS map of territorial control in Syria shows the Assad regime and Kurdish forces as the major players in Syria.

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