As more research about vaping becomes available, another shocking new finding – it could harm young women’s fertility

2019-09-19 18:45

A new study found that young women who vape may find it more difficult to conceive due to vaping affecting their eggs.

Mom of 10 boys thrilled to welcome 11th baby – and it’s a girl!

2019-09-13 14:31

A mom of 10 boys has announced she's welcomed an 11th baby – but this time it's a beautiful baby girl!

Sperm seems to survive just fine in space, study shows

2019-06-26 20:30

Researchers found that frozen sperm samples subjected to space-like gravity conditions were as viable as those that remained on Earth.

How men’s damaged sperm could play a significant role in recurrent miscarriage

2019-06-20 07:49

Recurrent miscarriage is typically defined as the loss of three or more pregnancies in a row. As the mother carries the pregnancy, the traditional belief has been that the underlying cause of miscarriage resides with her. But the quality of a father’s sperm plays a significant role too.

Older dads' sperm isn't what it used to be

2019-05-22 10:55

Investigators found that men aged 45 and older can have decreased fertility, which can lead to increased risk for pregnancy complications in their partners.

Gospel singer who had her womb removed after excessive bleeding tells her story

2019-04-18 14:41

Gugulethu Nkutha will never forget a traumatic time in her life.

It's not just pregnant women men find sexy, it's ovulating women as well

2019-03-12 20:19

To ensure the human race has every chance of survival, mother nature rigged the male brain to find fertility sexy. But at 34 weeks, this mom is asking men to lay off the flirting, it's just plain gross!

Zandile Msutwana opens up about her PCOS journey

2019-02-01 13:45

The Queen actress Zandile Msutwana recently got candid in an Instagram post about her struggles with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Six pre-pregnancy test every woman should consider using

2019-01-16 10:12

You could have a genetic condition without even knowing it.

Dagga use could lower sperm count – and that could be hereditary

2018-12-21 12:38

There is a chance that cannabis users who have genetically-changed sperm might cause their children to have genetically changed sperm as well.


A theory about having babies

2019-09-19 11:18

Across the globe, fertility rates are declining. If population sizes continue to decrease, there will be major social, economic and political ramifications. But encouraging citizens to have more children is a very fine line for policymakers to be treading.

What couples considering IVF need to know

2019-07-15 20:30

Couples considering IVF should arm themselves with as much information as possible.

Experts answer your questions on donor conception and IVF

2019-06-25 14:14

From same sex couples looking to start a family to telling children they’re donor-conceived, this article may prove yourself to those thinking about donor conception and IVF.

Men, your sperm is affected by what you eat

2019-06-12 20:30

The research on diet and male fertility is still fairly new, but there is evidence that nutrition can affect male fertility. Our nutritional experts weigh in on the topic.

Monkey birth may help to save fertility of boys with cancer

2019-04-26 16:15

A successful monkey experiment may help to preserve boys' fertility after cancer treatment.

11 Fascinating facts about conception

2019-04-10 17:18

Old wives tales and movie-fueled ideas are rife when talking fertility. Here, Julia Boltt looks at the medical facts that may change your approach to conceiving.

Minnie Dlamini on why pregnancy speculations are "insensitive"

2019-02-07 11:26

Sports presenter and local TV star Minnie Dlamini-Jones has once again taken to social media to dismiss pregnancy rumours which, this time, were sparked by a dress she wore to the 2019 Sun Met.

WATCH: At 46 Gwyneth Paltrow says she’s “too old” to have more kids - here's why!

2019-01-23 12:35

Would you add to your brood in your forties or fifties?

Watch: Scientists invented a testicle cooler device

It's to help with one of the main causes of male infertility.

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11 things that can decrease your sperm count and quality

2018-12-15 12:13

Here are some things that can decrease your sperm count and negatively influence your sperm quality.

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