40% of US honeybee colonies disappeared last year. This is what the world would be like without any bees at all.

2019-08-15 11:44

Bee populations are in decline. Without them, food like nuts, fruits, and vegetables would become more expensive and rare.

Burger King's new meatless Impossible Whopper isn't completely vegetarian or vegan

2019-08-08 12:03

The chain cooks its Impossible Whoppers — which are "0% beef" — in the same broiler as its beef and chicken offerings.

A 10-year-old girl crashed her mom's car while attempting to drive to McDonald's

2019-08-05 14:08

On Wednesday morning a 10-year-old girl took her mom's SUV for a ride to McDonald's. She didn't make it there, but she's OK.

The only correct way to cut your sandwich is diagonally

2019-08-02 20:19

There are many ways to cut your sandwich, but chefs seem to largely agree that going diagonal is best.

People are mesmerised by a viral video that shows what happens when you put an egg in vinegar and maple syrup

2019-07-28 18:36

The video, originally posted by "5-Minute Crafts," shows an egg growing after it is soaked in vinegar, maple syrup, and dye over a three-day span.

A single apple could harbour as much as 100 million bacteria, but it's probably a good thing

2019-07-24 20:22

The more variety of bacteria in your gut, the less likely it is for one to be dominant enough for you to get sick.

A bunch of 24 grapes just sold for R150,000 in Japan. Yes, grapes.

2019-07-11 19:12

A bunch of 24 Ruby Roman grapes was sold at an auction in Japan. They are valued for their low acidity and high sugar content.

IN DEPTH: Italy's best Neapolitan pizza comes to the US

2019-07-08 10:27

One of Naples most famed pizzeria is now expanding to L.A.!

I ate like Meghan Markle for 10 days and could easily keep it up forever

2019-06-29 13:12

From waking up with lemon water to dining on tacos and sushi, here's what it was like to eat like Meghan Markle.


A woman told an advice column that her in-laws won't stop serving her mushrooms despite her deadly allergy, and a trauma therapist thinks it could be a sign of toxic narcissism

2019-08-10 16:30

The woman, who signed the letter "Disrespected Daughter-in-Law," said her husband's parents even started putting mushroom powder in mashed potatoes.

This community's guerrilla gardening is changing its food culture

2019-08-06 11:59

A collective is radically reclaiming a township from pervasive fast food outlets by encouraging youth to grow their own food.

Here's everything Meghan Markle eats and drinks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

2019-08-03 21:33

Meghan Markle has always been passionate about food, and a good meal is sure to feature on her upcoming 38th birthday.

Steve Jobs had an extreme diet that included fasting for days and eating the same vegetables over and over again — here's what Apple's visionary cofounder liked to eat

2019-07-29 12:25

Some friends thought Apple's cofounder Steve Jobs was bulimic, since he would fast for several days at a time and binge on vegetables.

A mom mistakenly got a cake for her 2-year-old daughter's birthday that said 'Happy Birthday Loser': 'It was pretty funny'

2019-07-27 15:36

Last September, Melinda Jones wanted to buy a cake for her daughter that said "Happy Birthday Lizard." Instead, she got something a little different.

What the Tour de France riders are eating for dinner

2019-07-19 11:35

Because the riders have to consume so much food, eating can feel like work, so the chef prepares meals that are as delicious as they are nutritious.

Mandela Day: 12 best food products to donate, and 3 to avoid

2019-07-12 08:11

Charitable food collections are taking place all over South Africa this month. Forget rice and lentils, give some of these food products this winter:

South Africa’s first all-insect restaurant is open for business – and the bugs are delicious

2019-07-08 16:16

Treat yourself to black fly larvae croquettes, mopane polenta, or deep fried dark chocolate black-fly-larvae ice cream.

Sunday lunch: spicy lamb shank

2019-06-28 17:11

Hands up if you agree that hearty meals are the best part about the colder months!

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