Are your newborn's ears working properly? Early hearing test is a must

2020-01-20 14:45

For every 1 000 infants born, three have moderate, severe or profound hearing loss, which can mean delayed development in language, learning and speech.

Worried about hearing loss? Don't underestimate the role a healthy diet plays in reducing the risk

2019-12-06 08:45

The benefits of healthy eating go way beyond weight management, and these three diets are tied to a lower risk of hearing loss, say scientists.

If a child's schoolwork slips, don't rule out hearing loss

2019-09-23 14:45

There are children who have been diagnosed with a learning disability when really what they need is a hearing aid.

Study finds how the brain sharpens the hearing of the blind

2019-05-28 11:08

Researchers found that compared to a sighted person, a blind person's auditory cortex was better able to detect small differences in sound frequency.

4 reasons why you should never leave hearing loss untreated

2019-01-28 14:29

Hearing loss can severely affect your quality of life in many ways. Here is why you should treat the problem as soon as you become aware of it.

Can hearing loss influence your balance?

2018-12-10 21:40

Your ears play an important role in maintaining your sense of balance. But how exactly is your balance affected when you suffer from hearing loss?

5 activities that can help you improve your hearing

2018-10-02 05:57

Hearing loss can happen to anyone. These activities can help you improve your hearing and quality of life.

20 lesser known facts about hearing

2018-09-27 12:16

Did you know that snakes and dolphins have no external ears? This is just one of a series of interesting facts about hearing.

Could you be losing your hearing without realising it?

2018-08-28 06:43

Significant loss of hearing isn’t necessarily the only sign that you are busy damaging your ears. Could you be heading for hearing loss without being aware of it?

Healthy eating may protect your hearing

2018-08-13 09:00

Watching what you eat can improve the quality of your hearing and reduce your risk of hearing loss.


How a career in music could affect your hearing

2019-12-16 12:45

Research has shown that people in the music industry are at considerable risk of developing tinnitus, largely due to exposure to loud noise.

A US congresswoman dared Mark Zuckerberg to spend an hour a day policing the same 'murders, stabbings, suicides, other gruesome, disgusting videos' as Facebook's moderators. He declined.

2019-10-24 09:31

During an hours-long Congressional hearing on Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was grilled about content moderator working conditions.

Why do humans respond to music and monkeys don't?

2019-06-15 15:30

Results of a study suggest that macaque monkeys may experience music and other sounds differently compared to humans.

'Ringing in the ears' may drive some to the brink of suicide

2019-05-03 15:30

A survey of Swedish adults found that 9% of women who suffered from severe tinnitus had attempted suicide.

Why sudden hearing loss should not be ignored

2018-12-14 20:03

What you might think is temporary hearing loss may actually be a serious medical condition.

Study supports oxygen therapy for sudden hearing loss

2018-10-10 08:54

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment may be considered as a treatment for sensorineural hearing loss.

Is there a link between iron deficiency and hearing loss?

2018-09-28 07:08

Could a lack of this mineral affect your hearing? This is what medical research shows.

When is surgery an option for hearing loss?

2018-08-28 16:44

Could going under the knife be the ultimate solution for hearing loss? We weigh in on the options.

How to recognise hearing loss in infants

2018-08-14 13:00

It can be a challenge to determine hearing loss in infants as they are not able to respond verbally.

Do animals have better hearing than humans?

2018-08-03 11:00

Has civilisation blunted man's hearing abilities, or have we just evolved in a different direction?

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