Are your newborn's ears working properly? Early hearing test is a must

2020-01-20 14:45

For every 1 000 infants born, three have moderate, severe or profound hearing loss, which can mean delayed development in language, learning and speech.

If a child's schoolwork slips, don't rule out hearing loss

2019-09-23 14:45

There are children who have been diagnosed with a learning disability when really what they need is a hearing aid.

5 tips on better communication for people with hearing loss

2019-01-24 10:00

Hearing loss can make communication in a social setting difficult. Here are some practical tips to help you cope.

Chinese woman wakes up to find she can’t hear male voices

2019-01-14 13:07

When the story first hit social media, some users joked that Chen might be the luckiest woman alive.

Why hearing loss affects much more than your ears

2018-12-13 15:38

Research has shown that the effects of hearing loss are far-reaching and can cause other co-morbidities such as depression.

Swimming and your hearing: what you need to know

2018-11-28 05:36

Water exposure can cause damage, which may affect your ears and hearing later in life. Here’s what you need to know and how to take care of your ears when going for a dip.

How bad is your hearing loss?

2018-11-20 18:30

You've had a professional diagnose your hearing loss. So how bad is it?

Study supports oxygen therapy for sudden hearing loss

2018-10-10 08:54

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment may be considered as a treatment for sensorineural hearing loss.

How to tell if your child needs a hearing device

2018-09-25 06:53

If your child has a hearing loss issue you need to address the problem as soon as possible.

How to recognise hearing loss in infants

2018-08-14 13:00

It can be a challenge to determine hearing loss in infants as they are not able to respond verbally.


Worried about hearing loss? Don't underestimate the role a healthy diet plays in reducing the risk

2019-12-06 08:45

The benefits of healthy eating go way beyond weight management, and these three diets are tied to a lower risk of hearing loss, say scientists.

4 reasons why you should never leave hearing loss untreated

2019-01-28 14:29

Hearing loss can severely affect your quality of life in many ways. Here is why you should treat the problem as soon as you become aware of it.

Why hearing aid upkeep is often out of reach for the poor

2019-01-17 11:23

A US study has revealed how the high cost of hearing aids, along with their upkeep, makes it difficult for people with a low-income to enjoy the benefits of the devices.

What's up with not being able to hear men's voices?

2019-01-11 17:38

Psychological or physical?

5 misconceptions about hearing loss

2018-12-05 20:15

If you thought hearing loss only happened to older people, and that you'd be able to hear perfectly by just turning up the volume of your hearing aid, think again.

Untreated hearing loss can be costly for seniors

2018-11-27 15:47

Having hearing loss and not knowing it might translate into higher medical bills and other health problems for many seniors, two new studies suggest.

Going deaf – a story of gradual hearing loss

2018-10-22 19:35

Gradual deterioration of hearing, most commonly caused by ageing and noise exposure, is subtle and may go unnoticed for a long time.

5 activities that can help you improve your hearing

2018-10-02 05:57

Hearing loss can happen to anyone. These activities can help you improve your hearing and quality of life.

Could you be losing your hearing without realising it?

2018-08-28 06:43

Significant loss of hearing isn’t necessarily the only sign that you are busy damaging your ears. Could you be heading for hearing loss without being aware of it?

Could hearing loss be the cause of my child's poor academic performance?

2018-07-09 10:00

Hearing loss, regardless of the severity, can have a negative effect on a child's academic performance.

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