Man finally gets penis grafted after doctor's couldn't diagnose him as intersex

2019-05-17 15:47

He spent years confused as doctors failed to diagnose him as intersex – now Anick finally has a penis grafted from skin on his forearm.

A new form of male birth control is being tested around the world — and men only have to rub it on their shoulders once a day

2018-06-17 10:49

Scientists are moving forward with a year-long trial of male birth control gel. Men rub a nickel-sized amount of the alcohol-based gel on themselves.

5 low libido causes that have nothing to do with hormones

2017-09-28 09:00

Dip in desire? This might be the reason…

Boobs, body hair and bravery

2015-10-05 12:50

When girls start early.

Coeliac disease might explain fertility problems

2015-02-04 10:43

A study suggests that women who don't have a ready explanation for their failure to conceive should be screened for coeliac disease.

Mothers have similar reactions to pets and children

2014-10-06 11:00

Brain areas associated with emotion, reward, relationships and social interaction show increased activity when the women see pictures of their children and their pets.

Exposure to antibacterials may affect foetus growth

2014-08-11 11:32

According to a new study, antibacterial compounds may be linked to developmental and reproductive issues in pregnant women and their unborn children.

Saliva test can predict depression in teenage boys

2014-02-18 10:25

High levels of cortisol coupled with mild depression symptoms in teenage boys may be a predictor of clinical depression later in life.

Hormone levels may help predict breast cancer risk

2013-10-31 12:39

Researchers report that doctors might better predict a woman's risk for breast cancer by tracking levels of key hormones.

Female smokers have different stroke profile

2013-08-23 11:30

Female smokers may be at greater risk for a more deadly and less common type of stroke, according to a new study.


Zandile Msutwana opens up about her PCOS journey

2019-02-01 13:45

The Queen actress Zandile Msutwana recently got candid in an Instagram post about her struggles with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

For the love of period sex

2017-12-27 09:45

Takeaway: Many people have period sex because sex is awesome and periods are normal.

What your period does to your skin - and how to fix it

2017-05-24 15:07

Find out when to avoid bikini waxes, crack open the astringent and take the perfect selfie.

Georgia: transgender prisoners get their hormones

2015-04-13 15:41

Transgender prison inmates in Georgia will be given medical and mental health evaluations and will be put on treatment plans ensuring their well-being.

Plastic chemicals linked to earlier menopause

2015-02-02 13:01

Women whose bodies contained high levels of some chemicals found in plastics and cosmetics, experience menopause 2-4 years earlier than women with lower amounts in their systems.

Synthetic hormone may protect preemies' brains

2014-08-27 12:27

Synthetic erythropoietin (EPO), a hormone used to stimulate red blood cell production, might prevent brain damage when used shortly after preterm birth.

Pheromone parties: why you should sniff your date's armpits

2014-04-16 13:26

You could be choosing your next partner based not on how they look or what they say, but on how they smell.

Fracking disrupts our hormones

2013-12-17 11:35

A new study shows that the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, aka fracking, can disrupt the body's reproductive hormones, causing infertility, cancer and birth defects.

Hormone pills not ideal for long-term use

2013-10-02 14:47

Advice remains unchanged: hormones should only be used short term when needed to relieve hot flashes and other menopause symptoms.

Adult emotional problems triggered in womb

2013-08-07 10:54

New research by scientists indicates that adults could be at greater risk of poor mental health if they were deprived of certain hormones in the womb.

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