WATCH: Ooh baby, baby! This family sang Salt-N-Pepa’s Push It in the delivery room... and other top songs to give birth to

2018-06-06 07:59

After their epic version of Salt-N-Pepa's Push It in the delivery room, this family welcomed their beautiful baby girl, because, it's a thing – birth songs and playlists are real! So from the Frozen soundtrack to Pharrell's Happy, a study just revealed the most popular songs women listen to while giving birth.

How to time contractions

2015-11-10 09:34

The spontaneous squeezing or tightening of the womb is an important part of birth.

Pain relief drugs in labour

2014-06-08 14:59

If you’re not opting to go drug-free, know your options for relief from those painful contractions.

Sex after birth - grin and bear it?

2012-03-29 14:06

Should new moms rush to restore their sex lives, or wait until they’re ready?

Your baby: Week 11

2010-11-18 13:31

Your baby: Week 1

2010-11-18 11:21

What to expect from your baby's first week.

TENS: Alternative pain relief during labour

2010-11-02 16:19

Most expectant mothers want to keep the use of drugs to a minimum during their birthing. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is one safe, effective, non-invasive way to do this.

Pregnancy week 28

2010-10-12 10:30

When bloggers give birth

2010-09-21 16:03

Our bloggers share their birth stories with us. From cancer scares to home births, they’ve done it all!

Core stomach exercises

2010-09-03 15:31

Your core stomach muscles will play a big role during labour. How can you exercise this area safely?


Bring on the drugs! Pain relief options in childbirth

2018-02-26 16:06

If you want to do vaginal birth, but want some medicated help in coping with labour pain, here’s what modern day medicine has to offer…

How to beat your labour fears

2015-11-02 12:01

That baby's got to come out some time, but that doesn't mean you're confident about it.

Being pregnant with HIV

2012-08-13 13:39

All you need to know about being HIV positive while you are pregnant, and ways to keep you and your baby healthy during this time.

“I’m afraid of tearing during birth”

2011-11-08 11:49

Tearing during childbirth is a huge fear for moms-to-be.

Your baby: Week 2

2010-11-18 11:59

Your Baby: month 1

2010-11-15 12:49

Congratulations! After 9 long months, you're finally holding your precious new baby in your arms. Here's what to expect...

Pregnancy week 35

2010-10-14 08:50

Sharing my birth story

2010-10-05 11:05

'I found my second birth so empowering because I trusted myself enough to resist unnecessary medical intervention and found the process healed emotional scars from my first birth.'

Pregnancy week 41

2010-09-16 15:01


The pain-free birth

2010-08-05 11:49
The pain-free birth

The pain-free birth

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