Exams 2019: How to study Maths and Sciences

2019-10-15 11:30

"Most learners stick to a one-size-fits-all approach without understanding that different subjects require different approaches to studying." Step Up Education Centre's Cindy Glass provides some insight into cracking the code on the tougher subjects.

Who am I? Why am I here? Why children should be taught philosophy (beyond better test scores)

2019-08-16 07:45

Philosophy doesn’t just improve children’s grades, it helps them make meaning of their place in the world.

Scientists say this ridiculously simple strategy can help you learn anything

2019-07-15 13:07

Instead of reading and rereading a list of vocabulary words, you should read it once and then test yourself repeatedly.

Watch: The jobs that robots will never be able to do

There are certain jobs that are safe from robot replacements. At least, for now.

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3 ways to boost your memory

2018-06-14 05:00

These simple steps will help your boost your memory and have you studying at optimum level.

Watch a creepy humanoid robot run and expertly jump over a log

2018-05-16 12:03

Depending on what you think of robots, this will either blow your mind or freak you out.

At this Joburg school, the teacher dresses up as Wonder Woman and the kids learn to become heroes

2018-04-12 16:16

It’s a South African first, and possibly a world first too. Cosplay, the art of dressing up as your favourite comic book character, has taken this school by storm.

Higher education – a vast and changing future landscape

2018-03-01 07:33

Higher education institutions must adapt if they are to produce graduates who can keep up with the rapidly changing pace of workplaces, technologies and industries.

Blocks are still the best presents you can buy kids this Christmas

2017-12-15 13:16

Christmas lists usually include the latest and greatest technology, but building blocks help our small ones develop necessary fine motor, social, language and cognitive skills.

The latest trend in SA: the flipped classroom

2017-10-04 12:30

A lecturer at the University of the Free State shares her experiences and success with the flipped classroom method of teaching - the idea of using videos, worksheets and interaction between students to introduce them to new concepts.


What’s the best way to teach children a second language? New research produces surprising results

2019-08-26 13:51

Is it really true that children soak up language like sponges? Researchers talk best practice when teaching children multiple languages.

'Learners need to build pathways': A robotics teaching expert shares her approach to teaching kids these subjects

2019-07-23 12:06

Many people are excited about the new topic added to the school curriculum and many parents feel it will be a waste of time. Both groups can be correct, it all depends if the implementation is done correctly.

What Oros Mampofu’s character on Rhythm City has taught him about life

2019-06-20 15:05

Oros wants to share this lesson with you.

A Lyft exec says it's nearly impossible to recover from the 'kiss of death' in a career

2018-08-28 16:17

Coasting in your career is the "kiss of death" that can be impossible to recover from, Lyft CFO Brian Roberts said in an interview with Forbes.

The agile learner and self-directed learning

2018-06-08 14:53

Companies need to encourage self-directed learning to attract valuable agile learners to their workforces and retain them.

This is the most important trait that makes kids successful in school, a new study shows

2018-05-07 08:00

A new study suggests kids do better in school when they're more curious, imaginative, and like to try new things.

The idea that we each have a 'learning style' is bogus — here's why

2018-04-04 13:56

There's no real evidence that different people learn better visually, orally, or by doing.

Gender and education: Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do?

2018-02-16 15:29

A new trend shows that females are outperforming males at school and university. In the long term, this could have a huge impact on the job market and negative ramifications for society as a whole.

Try out these science experiments at home and boost your child’s academic success

2017-11-15 12:59

Research shows that when parents engage in simple science projects with their kids at home, it boosts their learning in school.

Technology can help kids learn, but only if parents and teachers are involved

2017-09-26 11:17

Technology has once again proven to be a new and exciting way to keep learners interested and motivated to learn new concepts in class.

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