What 7 of the most confusing terms you see at a bar actually mean, according to a bartender

2019-11-17 20:15

Ordering at a bar could be made easier if it were clear what all these crazy cocktail ingredients are and why we bartenders use them.

Ensuring your Will covers your worldwide assets

2019-10-03 09:52

A worldwide Will or an offshore Will can protect your estate if you’re intending to relocate or if you’re thinking of buying property abroad.

One of the world's most famous historians has a crucial piece of advice on interviewing: 'Shut up!'

2019-07-15 16:04

Historian Robert Caro is one of the world's most celebrated writers. His new book focuses on his process, and there's one simple rule anyone can use.

13 ways to get over a crush once and for all

2019-01-29 14:20

Thank you, next.

Watch: this 27-year-old ‘tech addict’ is using a 12-step program and monitoring apps to get off the computer

He was born the year the web went public and cut his teeth on video games.

0 comments1307 Views
Japanese lifestyle guru Marie Kondo explains how to organize your home once and never again

Marie Kondo helps people clean and organize their homes. She tells us how to organize a home in one sitting, and never again.

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Why Siamese cats have become scarce in South Africa

2018-10-13 09:15

With a kitten crunch and a drastic drop in breeder numbers, the once-popular Siamese breed is in decline.

8 rules for living harmoniously with your parents at 30

2018-07-03 18:12

These are the people who created you, after all.

Too much or too little sleep are both bad for our health, according to a new study — further evidence that it's our body clock that counts

2018-06-14 09:54

It might be that people are out of sync with their body clocks, rather than there being an optimal amount of sleep everyone needs to get.

This Cape Town business believes office pets, a games room and a lack of HR make it more efficient

2018-06-11 13:47

Online retailer RunwaySale has taken a unique approach to office life.


Capital Legacy donates R25 for every Will collected for safekeeping by CCD Couriers

2019-10-07 08:46

In recognition of Wills Month this September, Wills and Estate Administration services provider, Capital Legacy will donate R25 for every Will collected by CCD Couriers for safekeeping by the company.

Don’t leave covering the costs of dying to your grieving relatives

2019-10-02 08:33

One of the biggest shocks and stresses following the death of a loved one is covering the immediate costs, such as funerals and burials, but also the administrative fees involved in winding up a deceased person’s estate.

13 mind-blowing facts that show just how over-the-top the world's most luxurious hotel, a $1 billion hotel on a man-made island in Dubai, really is

2019-05-11 08:11

Consistently ranked as the most luxurious hotel in the world, the R14.2 billion ($1 billion) Burj Al Arab spares no expense when it comes to amenities.

Less queuing plus 4 other life hacks that will make this your most admin-free year ever

2019-01-29 11:52

It's amazing how much you can do with your phone!

Watch: this new smart vibrator for men can be remote controlled with a phone

It is the complete package, its designers say. (This video is safe for work.)

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Watch: I swam with seals in Cape Town - here's what it's like to play with the 'puppies of the ocean'

But you need to brave the freezing Atlantic.

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What drinking diet cooldrink does to your body and brain

2018-08-22 10:51

Those zero kilojoules and artificial sweeteners might be doing more harm to your body than you expected.

Your chances of living longer are better once you reach 105 — further evidence that humans may not have reached their age limit yet

2018-07-01 14:49

A new study from the University of California, Berkeley and Sapienza University in Rome found the chances of survival for people plateau once you make it past 105 years old.

The Japanese have got a great secret to making your day happier

2018-06-11 16:29

Or at least make your mornings more pleasant.

5 things you're doing every day that could be hurting your eyesight

2018-06-06 06:45

Your eyes are precious, but people often take them for granted by avoiding eye exams or staring at screens for too long. We know that looking directly into the sun can hurt our eyes, but what else are we doing to harm our eye health without realising it.

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