Grudges come naturally to kids – gratitude must be taught

2019-08-05 10:41

Research suggests that young children aren't naturally geared towards kindness and must learn the principle of direct reciprocity in order to apply it.

When, where and how: A first-time voter’s guide to the 2019 SA general elections

2019-04-18 13:24

From checking your registration status, where you're supposed to vote and everything you'll need to get you through the day, here's your guide to navigating the polls on 8 May.

Future skills: Leadership

2019-03-05 16:14

Leadership is a skill that will stand our children in good stead one day, regardless of the career they end up in. But how can schools and parents foster and nurture leadership? A teacher explains.

What ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ can teach kids about resilience

2019-02-08 16:29

It's not all web shooting and fighting bad guys. This Spiderman movie will leave your kids with some valuable life lessons... plus a whole lot of web shooting and fighting bad guys – yay!

"Just teach your kids how to do stuff!" – 10 Practical skills every parent should impart on their child

2019-01-28 12:43

"My child can't even do that..." Well, did you teach them how to do it? Here's why upskilling your child every year will empower them and free up your time.

8 ways to keep your kids smart over the summer holidays

2018-12-27 12:26

How to encourage learning at home during the school holidays.

BOOK REVIEW: Finally! A great self-help book for SA children and adults

2018-11-30 14:22

Beth Amato explains why Revealing Freddie is a wonderful read for South African parents and their children.

"My daughter saved me from myself" – Seeing life through the eyes of a child

2018-11-01 17:11

A mother opened up about her struggle with anxiety and how her 6-year-old daughter helped her overcome it. Children may be young, but there's a lot we can learn from them. Here's why it's good to look at life from a child's perspective and embrace some simple philosophies.

'No means no': A teacher explains how to gently teach consent to 3-year-olds

2018-10-11 11:58

"Consent is something I am big on teaching. Mostly because I am alive in the 21st Century, but also because I have survived a sexual assault by someone who was a partner and lover at the time."

WATCH: What is the grossest thing your child’s ever done? Kim K, J-Lo, Scarlett and other celeb moms share

2018-10-09 08:39

Kids are “nothing but a walking petri dish full of faeces and love,” according to Kristen Bell in her latest episode of Momsplaining. Sounds about right.


The reasons behind this former rugby player wanting to kill himself

2019-06-25 20:00

Despite rugby thrusting him into the international spotlight, the bruising memories of his father’s words dragged him down to the lowest point in his life.

Boys’ attention and social behaviour is linked to earnings 30 years later

2019-03-20 12:00

Behaviours identified as early as kindergarten have always been clues for how one may turn out in adulthood. This study explores boys’ attention and prosocial behaviour and found a link to their potential earnings.

Future skills: How to teach kids empathy, kindness and patience

2019-02-18 15:04

We’re launching an exciting new series called Future Skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Which skills do our children need to master now for when "the robots take over"? (They won't, not entirely, but bear with us!)

Spot the fake news: How analysing patterns helps students detect deceptive media

2019-02-07 13:53

Showing students how to determine source credibility, and to analyse tone, bias and motive, is a great way to help them with their media literacy. Here's how students are filtering through and deciphering what they’re reading.

8 ways parents and teachers can help children make friends in primary school

2019-01-08 16:00

Experts have found a positive link between high-quality friendships and better academic results. Here's what parents and teachers can do to help young ones make and maintain healthy friendships.

The start of high school doesn’t have to be stressful

2018-12-04 21:00

We know it's easier said than done, but surviving the first few days of high school is all about adopting a growth mindset – knowing that things may be tough but I can learn and grow – and trusting that change is good.

20 tips for crushing your first holiday job!

2018-11-21 12:13

We've all heard a horror story or two about what a drag some holiday jobs can be, but with these simple tips, you'll be sure to crush it.

Understanding rape culture and teaching your children about it

2018-10-12 10:34

Rape culture refers to the normalisation of rape, sexual assault or harassment that may be implicit or explicit. It is the pervasiveness of rape to the point that it is so normalised, it becomes a societal “culture” and is prevalent in our everyday lives.

Eek! My child is going on camp!

2018-10-10 09:19

Margot Bertelsmann needs help navigating this most frightening milestone: leaving her child for two days as he goes on camp. And she knows she must give him the talk on respect for privacy and bodily autonomy, even at 9 years old, particularly in light of recent events in SA.

"I was wrong but I have a reason... you were wrong because you're a bad person": 5 ways to help our child recognise fundamental attribution error

2018-09-25 11:07

"Fundamental attribution error?" you may ask. Sounds like some strange rare disease, but it's actually something the majority of human beings are guilty of. Here's what it is and how you can keep your child from falling into this trap and instead grow empathy and kindness.

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