Ask the expert: How to cook the perfect medium-rare steak, according to Pat LaFrieda

2020-01-01 16:50

We asked meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda how to cook the perfect medium-rare steak. Here are his stern but simple instructions.

Watch: Here’s what imitation crab meat is really made of

Surimi is often made from pollock fish with fillers and flavourings like starch, sugar, egg whites, and crab flavouring.

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Consumer watchdog laments understaffing as it tackles Ford, unsafe meat, timeshare cases

2019-10-23 12:20

The National Consumer Commission is understaffed, members of Parliament heard.

A 'MasterChef' winner called a vegan customer a d--- after they complained about his restaurant's lack of meatless options

2019-10-03 11:45

Simon Wood, who won "Masterchef" in the UK in 2015, called one customer a "d---" after they criticized the chef's handling of vegan customers.

Germany's considering a new tax on meat — but it might not be a model for Democrats who want Americans to eat fewer hamburgers

2019-09-16 12:22

German politicians are considering a controversial tax on meat to boost animal welfare, fight climate change, and improve human health.

How to tell if chicken is expired, according to a food safety expert

2019-05-08 15:01

Weird smells, slime, too long in the fridge— here's how to tell if chicken has gone bad according to a specialist at the USDA.

A US company now has R400 million to teach Americans that biltong is much better than jerky - and they're even selling 'biltong trail mix'

2019-04-25 06:03

Stryve Biltong is trying to teach the USA how much better biltong is than beef jerky. Now it has more cash, and a high-powered marketing chief, behind that effort.

Why you should consider ostrich next time you go shopping for meat

2019-02-20 16:42

We take a look at ostrich meat and show you why you should enjoy this protein for your next steak night.

Mini meat and pap tarts

2019-01-21 14:03

The Year of the Pig will be a pig of a year for China's hogs

2019-01-12 08:00

It’s the time of year when Fu Haisheng should be thinking about restocking his herd of hogs.


3 delightful meat recipes you can try

2019-12-31 10:06

If you've been craving meat all week, these three juicy meaty recipes are definitely worth a try.

'Meatless Monday' can help change diets for good

2019-11-17 12:45

In a study, the majority of people who took part in a 'Meatless Monday' campaign continued eating less meat after the campaign had ended.

World Food Day – should you consider veganism?

2019-10-16 14:45

Today, 16 October 2019, is World Food Day and it’s interesting to note that South Africa has seen a sharp increase in veganism. But why? And how can you start eating less meat?

WATCH: Your doctor may be wrong about red meat - study

2019-10-01 21:00

Steak is back on the menu, if a new scientific review is to be believed. A group of experts from around the world say there's not a lot of evidence that red and processed meats cause cancer, diabetes, or heart disease.

Burger King Sweden is challenging customers to guess if their Whopper is meat or plant-based

2019-07-21 15:59

Customers who buy Whoppers or Crispy Chicken Burgers from the new "50/50 menu" could instead receive a meatless Rebel Whopper or Rebel Chicken King.

Your go-to guide for making the best stew ever this Winter

2019-05-07 10:30

Always wanted to master a good stew? Here's your chance! Pull up a chair and get reading.

This new plant-focused diet could ‘transform’ our future

2019-04-21 07:00

Shrink your waistline... and your carbon footprint.

Cheese griller hand pies

2019-01-24 11:10

Quick and easy little hand pies – perfect for kiddies or adult lunchboxes.

With the environment in mind, a UK company says 40% of its new dog food consists of flies

2019-01-14 12:50

Worried that the beef in your beloved pup’s grub might contribute to environmental degradation? Don’t fret – flies could be the answer, a company claims.

PICS: See how much more you're paying for fuel, veggies, clothes - and even tea

2018-12-12 13:59

Statistics South Africa on Wednesday released consumer inflation data, which ticked up to 5.2%. Here's how much you're paying for goods and services compared to a year ago.

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