WATCH: Kale vs. spinach – which is healthier?

2019-11-08 11:45

Which is the healthier of these two superfoods?

Teen goes blind after living off white bread, Pringles, sausage, fries and ham for a decade

2019-09-03 13:56

There really is a reason your mom told you to eat your veggies!

Where should you get your nutrient fix - from the natural source or from supplements?

2019-06-08 18:30

Which option is better when it comes to getting your daily nutrient fix? Studies have shown the better option is from food - the natural source. But is this always possible?

The 15 best vitamins and nutrients for women

2019-04-18 12:28

Are you getting enough of these?

There's even more evidence to suggest most popular vitamin supplements are essentially useless

2018-05-29 12:00

According to a new systematic review of five years of studies, the most popular vitamin and mineral supplements like vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin C provide no real health benefits.

Earnings from gold exports contract 25% in 2016

2017-03-23 13:41

Gold exports were up 175% in the fourth quarter of 2016, however exports and earnings for the year had declined.

Department hits out at mining CEO claims

2016-08-23 15:14

Allegations relating to work stoppages over mine safety against the minister of mineral resources and officials by some mining companies are appalling, says the department.

Are you overdosing on vitamins and minerals?

2015-03-09 12:08

DietDoc warns the public against overdosing on micronutrient supplements found in fortified foods and drinks.

Smoking and diet

2014-11-14 12:51

Which kind of diet should smokers follow to minimise the damage?

Conflict minerals law starts

2014-07-01 11:30

A US law on conflict minerals is curbing African warlords' presence around mines in Congo, but its full impact remains unclear.


Turning the diamond market on its head

2019-11-04 16:12

The diamond industry has been hit hard over the last year, but diamond miner Lucara is using blockchain technology to change the way buyers purchase from them – and the company believes it is paying off.

What happens when you overdose on vitamins and minerals?

2019-07-22 12:26

How much is too much when it comes to vitamin and mineral supplements? And how does your body react to 'too much of a good thing'?

The top 5 veggies to add to your diet

2019-05-25 07:00

A study ranked forty-seven vegetables based on percentages of 17 known nutrients in a 100-calorie serving.

Dietary supplements do nothing for you

2019-04-14 15:00

Findings that some vitamins and minerals can lower one's risk of death were true only when the nutrients came from foods, not from supplements.

Building a junior mining sector

2018-05-17 08:52

There seems to be a shift towards establishing a junior mining sector in SA. But with few miners engaged in real, grassroots exploration, who will be championing this move?

SA to exhaust gold reserves in 38 years

2016-11-20 12:45

Gold production has come down more than 50% in a decade.

What is the outlook for commodities?

2015-12-30 07:30

The fall in commodity prices came as a surprise. Should we expect metals to recover in 2016? David McKay examines the sector.

Sept mineral sales reach R33.5bn

2014-12-09 21:15

SA has sold minerals to the value of R33.5bn in September, the highest rand amount since February, says Statistics SA.

Acai berries- nature's 'filler'

2014-10-08 15:55

Acai berries look like grapes, but come from palm trees – and they’re packed with nutrients. What should YOU know about this superfood?

US: Gems disclosure violates free speech

2014-04-15 12:00

A US appeals court has struck down a ruling forcing firms to disclose if their products contain "conflict minerals" from Africa, saying it violates free speech.

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