Brazil's president wants people to 'eat a little less' so they poop every other day, but that's not how the human body works

2019-08-13 06:09

Diet, exercise, and genetics all play a role in how often people go number two. As a standard rule, you should poop at least three times weekly.

How could the keto diet help control type 2 diabetes?

2019-08-07 17:30

Certain food items rapidly raise blood sugar levels, but these are limited on the keto diet, which could help in better managing it.

10 scary things that happen to your body when you eat too much sugar

2019-07-27 07:48

From weight gain to increased risk of heart disease, a sugar-heavy diet has some not-so-sweet consequences.

7 tips on how to eat more mindfully

2019-07-22 20:00

How often do you sit down and savour your food instead of simply gulping it down?

Can you live well with type 1 diabetes for 81 years? Just ask Don Ray

2019-07-22 10:20

He learned to play by diabetes' rules, but only so he could control it, instead of the other way around.

Is the timing of your workout the key to staying slim?

2019-07-15 17:11

A new study suggests that exercising at the same time each day is key to maintaining weight loss – could it be that it fosters a habit and, like brushing your teeth, you just do it?

More evidence fried food ups heart disease, stroke risk

2019-07-13 18:30

Several studies have reported the connection between fried food and poor health outcomes. Yet another has confirmed this claim, but what is the defining difference between this study and the ones researchers have done before?

Why Ariana Grande’s trainer never wants you to do another squat again

2019-07-08 05:19

The verdict may surprise you…

Get stronger for rock climbing with this full body workout

2019-07-07 16:30

It's all about the climb...

Study finds no direct link between preeclampsia in pregnancy and a decline in brain functionality

2019-07-04 15:01

Preeclampsia - a pregnancy-related condition - puts you at a higher risk of suffering from hypertension and a stroke after childbirth, but it may not hamper brain functionality, as previously thought.


WATCH: What are the 7 best foods for brain health?

2019-08-12 15:59

We've heard about fish being 'brain food', but what about all the other types of food out there?

No 'one-size-fits-all' diet for diabetics, expert panel says

2019-08-05 06:46

There is no ideal percentage of calories from carbohydrates, proteins and fats for diabetics – each person is different.

A single apple could harbour as much as 100 million bacteria, but it's probably a good thing

2019-07-24 20:22

The more variety of bacteria in your gut, the less likely it is for one to be dominant enough for you to get sick.

Know the flax: A little seed may be what your diet needs

2019-07-22 15:01

Many types of seeds can be valuable as part of a healthy diet – commonly added as a snack or add-on to salads or desserts – because they are rich in nutrients.

Adopt a diet that's good for your gut

2019-07-18 21:00

Gut microbes do much better with a plant-based diet because plant-based foods 'feed' the good bacteria in our digestive system.

Scientists looked at 16 supplements and found most were useless when it came to heart health and longevity — even vitamin D, iron, and multivitamins

2019-07-14 12:22

Researchers reviewed 105 strong studies to come to their conclusion. Folic acid and omega-3 were the only two supplements with heart health benefits.

Nuts about nuts - which nuts are the best of the best?

2019-07-13 13:00

Nuts are nutrient powerhouses with beneficial fats and plant protein.

How bad is it to drink coffee while you’re pregnant?

2019-07-07 19:30

Hang on before that refill...

"I dropped 2 dress sizes in 14 weeks – here's exactly how I did it"

2019-07-06 15:30

Sometimes all you need is a little change.

Corporate Wellness Week: 5 top excuses for straying from a healthy diet at the office - and the fix

2019-07-01 10:57

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of good health and keeps you energised and productive at work. It's however, not always easy to stick to a healthy diet at the office.

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