Scientists discover new way fat harms your arteries

2019-09-21 09:45

Obesity promotes conditions that can lead to heart problems – such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnoea.

Why obese teen boys could be prone to heart attacks in middle age

2019-09-17 14:50

If obesity in teen boys continue to escalate, they could find themselves suffering from heart attacks before they're old enough to take early retirement.

Obesity may boost odds for MS in kids

2019-08-16 05:23

A large new study has linked link obesity and MS in children – and suggests it might affect their treatment response.

There's now evidence that jogging is the best exercise for people whose genes make them more likely to be obese

2019-08-02 14:39

The study also found that long yoga sessions and some other exercises helped ward off weight gain among people with genetic risk factors for obesity.

How do you help when your child's battling with a weight problem?

2019-07-30 19:30

Excess weight puts children at risk of a myriad of health problems, but guidelines have been set out for parents wanting to help their children through lifestyle changes.

10 scary things that happen to your body when you eat too much sugar

2019-07-27 07:48

From weight gain to increased risk of heart disease, a sugar-heavy diet has some not-so-sweet consequences.

Could heavier people be at lower risk for ALS?

2019-07-08 21:00

A study found that over several decades, people who packed on the most weight had a much lower risk of ALS compared to those who maintained their figure or got thinner.

Overweight kids are at risk for high blood pressure

2019-06-27 15:40

A new study found that children who were obese had nearly triple the risk of developing high blood pressure between ages of four and six compared to kids with a healthy weight.

People are defending Nike after a journalist slammed the sportswear brand for an 'immense, gargantuan' plus-size mannequin

2019-06-12 09:59

People are defending Nike and slamming the journalist as they push back on her claims that it is impossible for plus-size women to be healthy.

Overweight teen boys may face higher heart disease risk as adults

2019-05-28 11:08

A study claims that men who had a BMI of 35 and over in their teen years were eight times more likely to develop heart disease than those who were lean in their teens.


How later bedtimes could mean wider waistlines for teen girls

2019-09-18 20:45

Research reveals that teen girls, who want to be night owls, but need to be early birds, are at higher risk of gaining weight around their waist.

Diabetes and obesity on the rise in young adults, with no improvement in heart disease diagnoses

2019-08-23 13:31

Researchers have seen a reversal in heart disease in young adults, especially women, but obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure are on the rise.

What TV binge-watching does to your brain

2019-08-13 20:30

If you indulge often, the cycle and the side effects of binge-watching TV shows can lead to harmful brain and body changes, an expert says.

Bigger waistlines a threat to women's health, even without obesity

2019-08-02 05:00

A new study found that a large waist size significantly increased the risk of an early death for women over 49, even when their BMI was normal.

Could obesity accelerate the brain's ageing process?

2019-07-29 13:00

We know obesity is harmful in many ways, but did you know it could cause premature decline in the brain's functionality?

How your smartphone could make you fat?

2019-07-26 16:00

Researchers have discovered that people who use their smartphone for lengthy periods throughout the day are more likely to pick up weight because of their sedentary behaviour.

Will video games make your kid obese? Maybe not, according to the latest research

2019-06-28 11:33

A new study claims that kids who spend a lot of time playing video games aren't any heavier than those who don't.

How obesity boosts childhood asthma risk by 30%

2019-06-17 13:00

A large percentage of paediatric asthma case could be avoided if childhood obesity was taken out of the equation.

Teasing kids about weight linked to more weight gain

2019-06-07 13:12

Findings show that kids who were teased gained an average of almost a half a pound per year compared to kids who weren't teased.

People with obesity are blatantly dehumanised and discriminated against

2019-05-27 14:28

A new report indicates that people with obesity are blatantly dehumanised and discriminated against, with claims that they are less evolved and less human.

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