Children can be exposed to sexual predators online, so how can parents teach them to be safe?

2019-09-20 08:22

From online gaming to social media sites, children are gaining online access at younger and younger ages, making it more and more important for parents to talk to their children about online risk and safety behaviours.

9 ways to protect your child against online gaming dangers

2019-04-11 13:12

Do you know who your child is playing with online? These expert tips highlight just how cautious parents need to be when it comes to online gaming and their kids.

How parents can help their children deal with scary media

2019-03-13 21:06

If you find your child is anxious or having trouble sleeping, frightening media may be to blame. Here's what parents can do.

About time: YouTube is now disabling all comments on videos featuring children

2019-03-05 16:24

After the recent scandal involving supposedly child-friendly videos, YouTube has released an official statement regarding new safety measures.

The Film & Publications Board urges us to know what our kids are doing online

2019-02-28 11:27

Parents, know what your children are doing online. This is the message sent by the Film and Publications Board.

Moms and dads, the YouTube videos your kids are watching may be interrupted by suicide tips

2019-02-26 13:35

There's something sick and sadistic going on on both YouTube and the YouTube Kids app. And we're very worried about the eerie content our kids may stumble across innocently.

25% of SA parents say their child has been a victim of cyberbullying

2018-11-28 14:13

Cyberbullying reminds us that as much as technology has improved our lives, it's also introduced new problems. According to an annual survey, cyberbullying is on the rise, particularly in South Africa.

10 popular YouTube channels for kids in 2018

2018-11-15 11:21

YouTube is becoming more and more popular among kids these days, and with endless entertainment at their fingertips, who could blame them? Here are some of the top YouTube channels that are perfect for your kids.

OPINION: "When people can't see things from another's perspective, they become vitriolic, aggressive and spiteful"

2018-09-06 13:19

In the process of becoming a generation of apolitical, socially aware citizens, and with the advent of technology making it easier for users to engage in online public spheres, have we become so intolerant that when someone's opinion differs from ours we, ourselves, become intolerant, even vicious? A reader wrote in and shared his thoughts on the matter after reading our story 'Online suicide and the dark psychology of internet insult forums'.

5 things teens need to know about cybersecurity

2018-08-31 12:42

Everyone’s using technology, but they’re not all as safe as they could be. Here are a few ground rules to set for the kids and things you could do to make sure all their networks are password protected and their devices are safe and secure.


Parent’s guide: Whatsapp increases the minimum age to use the app from 13 to 16, and we look at what SA parents need to know

2019-05-07 07:22

Will WhatsApp's new minimum age limit affect SA teens? And how can parents ensure their kids stay safe while using the messaging service?

Should your unborn baby have a digital footprint?

2019-04-08 17:15

Posting pics of your child online without their consent could infringe on their right to privacy and compromise their online identity later on in life.

Don't throw cheese at your baby: Outrage over new social media craze

2019-03-06 14:29

The latest craze involves sliced cheese. And while it has many in stitches, others are outraged by it.

Just don't post videos of your kids on YouTube. Here's why

2019-03-01 11:46

Sickos have been trading contact information, providing links to child porn, sharing videos in secret and time-stamping videos where they find a child in a compromising position. And honestly, YouTube isn't acting fast enough.

Kim Kardashian wants YouTube to remove Momo challenge that tells kids to harm themselves

2019-02-28 11:03

Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, Kim Kardashian West has once again used her influence for the benefit of others.

Our teen girls aren't 20-something influencers and shouldn't pretend to be

2019-01-24 13:57

"Act your age [you] idiot!" Why the online harassment of teen actress Millie Bobby Brown is an important lesson for parents and their teens.

So does on-screen violence make children more emotionally distressed after all?

2018-11-20 14:51

The amount of violence children witness on-screen alters their perception of the world and can be detrimental to their development.

OPINION: Talentless YouTube influencers vs the world

2018-09-12 11:30

Russell Jarvis shakes his head at the broken moral fibre of our new mixed reality – which our young teens are marinating themselves in.

Online suicide and the dark psychology of internet insult forums

2018-09-03 12:23

Yes, social media has certainly provided many people with the opportunity to communicate, encourage debate and enable online public spheres. However, we cannot ignore that it has also provided many people with a platform to bully, troll and torment their peers, especially since their anonymity removes a sense of accountability. So shouldn't social media sites be doing more to protect their users, especially as so many of these users are children – our children?

Microsoft's Russian hacking revelations spur US lawmakers' ire

2018-08-21 22:15

Microsoft’s declaration that it found and seized bogus web domains created by Russian hackers amplified calls by US lawmakers to pass legislation imposing more sanctions on Vladimir Putin’s government and his associates.

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