Here’s a realistic savings plan

2019-09-30 15:18

Tips to help you make wiser financial decisions.

Sure you can't save more?

2019-09-05 11:10

Given the current economic environment, it is simply too difficult to save more, right? But your future retired self will thank you for every extra cent that you manage to put away. And the first steps to increased savings are basic.

Tax tips for pensioners

2019-08-06 06:01

The impact of taxes is just as important to consider after retirement as it is while saving for retirement, says an expert at Hobbs Sinclair.

Tactics used by tenants from hell - and how to deal with them

2019-07-30 07:00

Sooner or later, a landlord will likely face the scenario every property owner dreads -namely, the tenant from hell, says attorney Simon Dippenaar.

10 practical ways to become a better saver

2019-07-21 16:56

South Africans are not saving enough and only 6% of them will be able to maintain their standard of living after retirement.

Local man shares how he managed to survive black tax and save towards his goals

2019-07-02 12:26

He saw that his parents were not good with money and this had an impact on his relationship with money.

'Rich Dad Poor Dad' author warns South Africans of 'biggest financial bubble' ahead

2019-06-01 08:00

"The biggest financial bubble" could send the US dollar - and the rand - on the same path as the "Zim dollar", bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki tells Fin24.

How tech is changing the insurance industry

2019-05-21 19:59

As digital disruption continues to change the game in the insurance industry, insurers are revising their business models to stay relevant with consumers.

Feel like winter is coming? 3 money lessons from Game of Thrones

2019-04-17 21:00

Thought Game of Thrones was just another series with epic battle scenes, gratuitous violence and fire-breathing dragons? Think again - and hack your way to financial freedom.

Load shedding: So you've got a generator - but what about insurance?

2019-04-06 06:45

Generator owners should consider the related insurance implications, warns an expert.


This group of South Africans went from poverty to wealth in 10 years, a new study shows

2019-09-18 05:00

A group of half a million people bypassed the middle class.

It’s never too late to save for retirement

2019-08-06 16:49

We need to throw out outdated views about retirement, writes investment expert Simon Brown. Starting with the idea that you can be too late in building wealth and financial independence.

How to use your bond for bigger savings

2019-07-31 07:00

Many SA homeowners are missing out on the benefits of saving by paying an additional amount off their bond every month, says the CEO of BetterBond.

9 steps you can take when you can't afford your debt

2019-07-26 15:24

Many people are drowning in debt and don’t see a way out but there’s hope.

How I got myself R400K deep in debt – and why you shouldn’t

2019-07-16 15:04

Most people make the mistake of thinking that simply because they qualify for credit, they should take it.

How my R85k gift to my aunt for raising me crippled my finances for 7 years

2019-06-25 16:11

She decided to focus solemnly on her debt and achieve her dream.

Don’t be an investment Icarus

2019-05-23 11:06

Are your investment goals unrealistic? Too often investors aim too high and lose, writes PSG Wealth’s Schalk Louw. He offers some advice how to avoid getting burnt.

New policy protection rules may just leave employees confused - expert

2019-04-21 15:53

Amended policyholder protection rules for group insurance requires so much information that members will likely get overwhelmed, says an expert.

9 ways to help your child develop a healthy relationship with money

2019-04-11 06:00

Elian Wiener asks the experts how to prepare your children for life financially.

Index weightings underestimate India, China - investment expert

2019-03-31 15:50

Index weightings under-represent the importance of China and India, in the view of the head of official institutions and thought leadership at Schroders.

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