30 award-winning nature photos that will make you fall in love with the world

2019-10-12 12:45

The Nature Conservancy holds an annual nature photography contest to raise awareness for conservation.

A man left his job and sold everything to buy a camera. Now he takes stunning photos of flowers trapped in ice that look like paintings.

2019-09-28 15:19

At age 30, Bruce Boyd decided to sell everything and buy a camera. He now takes photos of stunning floral arrangements frozen in ice.

A South African photographer captured a once-in-a-lifetime image when a submarine photobombed her shot of a whale in mid air

2019-09-18 17:10

While whales and the submarine are often spotted around these waters, images of the two so close together and in the same frame are rare.

The new iPhone camera is getting its biggest upgrade in years

2019-08-20 18:18

The iPhone had fallen behind recently.

Close-up photos of everyday objects make them almost impossible to recognize — can you guess what they are?

2019-07-28 11:45

Everyday items can seem unrecognizable through the lens of extreme close-up photography. Can you identify these 10 objects?

How to make great home movies with your phone

2019-06-06 09:50

It’s time for home videos to make a come back in a fresher, finer way. Here’s how to make timeless memories with your smartphone.

Vintage photos from a Victorian artist who manipulated pictures and paved the way for modern photo-editing techniques

2019-05-20 16:45

Victorian artist Oscar G. Rejlander is known as the "father of art photography." His work is on display at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

Prince Harry won a legal battle with the paparazzi using Europe's GDPR privacy law — and it gives the royals a powerful new weapon against the media

2019-05-18 09:25

The UK's Prince Harry won a legal dispute with Splash News, a photo agency which used a helicopter to take pictures inside his home.

A photographer visited the abandoned towns around Chernobyl more than 20 times over the past 25 years, and the captivating photos show just how suddenly time stopped in its tracks after the disaster

2019-05-02 13:26

Photographer David McMillan's photos show how the abandoned towns surrounding the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant have remained untouched over the years.

This photographer matched up iconic 'Game of Thrones' scenes with their real-life locations — and the results are stunning

2019-04-11 21:31

Andrea David travels around Europe to match "Game of Thrones" sets to their real-life locations. Her photos are surreal.


Meet our Canon star, Natasha Hadebe– and see her amazing pictures

2019-10-04 13:20

Roodepoort bred freelance make-up artist, Natasha Hadebe (25) is our Canon star! Here are some of the amazing pictures she took with her brand new Canon Powershot SX 740HS

10 creepy photos of 'ghosts' that will make you question everything

2019-09-22 13:17

These 10 creepy photos of alleged paranormal activity and hidden apparitions will make even the biggest skeptics question if they're real or not.

A photographer reveals behind-the-scenes glimpses of what Instagram photos look like in real life

2019-09-08 12:36

The photographer Chris Hernandez has a talent for taking extraordinary portraits in very ordinary settings.

These plus-size Asian women posed in ball gowns for a breathtaking viral photo shoot to make a statement about representation

2019-08-07 11:27

Author Michelle Elman told INSIDER she created the images with photographer Linda Blacker to "show the fashion industry what they're missing."

A 'spooky' effect of physics that Einstein couldn't believe has been photographed for the first time

2019-07-14 12:01

The image may not look like much, but it shows a strange property of the universe called quantum entanglement.

This is the first-ever documented photo of a fully white albino giant panda

2019-05-28 13:48

The Sichuan Wolong National Nature Reserve Administration released the first-ever photo of a white giant panda, taken by an infrared trigger camera.

An Instagram travel couple with nearly 500,000 followers shared what their photos look like before and after editing

2019-05-18 20:50

Marie Fe and Jake Snow told Insider exactly what goes into creating their beautiful, romantic images.

A sea otter tickle fight, and 17 other hysterical photos from the Wildlife Comedy Photography Awards

2019-05-09 21:13

The annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards recognise the most hilarious candid photos of animals in the wild.

The 10 most Instagram-worthy vacation destinations

2019-04-13 12:07

From New York City to Santorini, TripAdvisor has compiled a list of the most popular cities for photography tours.

An artist spent 3,000 hours colorizing vintage black and white photos of celebrities, and the results are stunning

2019-04-11 20:18

Artist Mario Unger spent thousands of hours adding color to vintage photos of famous people. INSIDER rounded up some of his best work.

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