The repentant nationalist: Apartheid crimes are for my account, says Leon Wessels who served in FW de Klerk’s Cabinet

2020-02-21 06:00

FW de Klerk's statement that apartheid was not a crime against humanity led to a firestorm and has damaged the former president’s legacy, perhaps fatally. Leon Wessels, who served in De Klerk's Cabinet vehemently disagrees with the former president, and says apartheid's crimes are his crimes, he tells Pieter du Toit.

Reconciliation as we knew it is overworked

2019-06-21 06:00

Reconciliation as we knew it then (mid-nineties) is overworked. The challenge now remains – how do opposing groups dialogue and overcome the structural divides, writes Leon Wessels.

There is no future without justice

2018-12-16 06:00

To blame Tutu, the TRC and the language of forgiveness is to blame those millions of us who make forgiveness cheap, who adhere to forgiveness without repentance and restitution, writes Nico Koopman.

Why talking about the TRC is still important 20 years later

2018-07-24 07:00

Many youth have come to regard the TRC as a process that served only to appease those who had benefitted from apartheid and an exercise that served to maintain existing power imbalances, writes Eleanor du Plooy.

Malema's dilemma: to be Mandela or Mugabe?

2017-12-08 08:36

Julius Malema is one of South Africa's most contentious leaders. However, people should be slow to write him off as a political extremist. The fact is, Malema is at a crossroads, writes Robert J. Traydon.

Looking past the skin on my face

2017-11-16 08:21

Identity politics in South Africa remains a central part of policy development and implementation, and it will continue to be as long as historical prejudice produces racial disparities, writes Eleanor du Plooy.

Reconciliation day should be used to fight racism - IFP

2016-12-16 12:40

The IFP says the focus of the Day of Reconciliation must be on nation-building and the eradication of racism in society.

Trust between race groups in SA has increased - researcher

Less than 30% of South Africans polled in 2013 said they were distrustful of people of other races. Compare that to a 2003 study that showed more than 40% of South Africans found other race groups unworthy of trust.

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Coloured SA is becoming disillusioned with reconciliation - researcher

In general, research has recorded increasing feelings of exclusion expressed by Coloured South Africans, as well as a deepening disillusionment around reconciliation-related issues. Watch.

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Tutu: Undermining women hurts SA

2013-08-20 14:25

The Desmond and Leah Tutu and Frederick Van Zyl Slabbert foundations have joined forces to focus on the implementation of gender reconciliation.


OPINION: No true reconciliation without restorative justice

2019-12-16 07:00

For us in South Africa, restitution has become a very important aspect of restorative justice, because it is about "restoring a thing to its proper owner", and "the reparation for an injury" as the South African Pocket Oxford Dictionary describes it. In this respect I dare to say that apartheid will not be put to bed until every person has a piece of land or a house, writes Chris Jones.

Zindzi Mandela taught us all a lesson

2019-06-21 05:00

Two decades into supposed freedom, white people still believe that our struggle heroes owe the narrative of their legacies to their shallow opinions and not actual emancipation of black people, writes Naledi Chirwa.

The ordinary face of reconciliation

2018-12-13 11:23

Every day, across the length and breadth of South Africa, ordinary citizens are actively engaging in activities that dismantle the negative effects of a divided past. They are all the face of reconciliation, writes Stanley Henkeman.

On the road to a united SA: what (still) divides us?

2017-12-28 08:00

63% of South Africans agree that reconciliation is impossible for as long as people who were disadvantaged under apartheid remain poor, writes Elnari Potgieter.

Working towards honest reconciliation and social justice

2017-12-01 09:30

To what extent can reconciliation succeed if the economic injustices of the past are left unaddressed? The Siyakha Community Healing Forum and Institute for Justice and Reconciliation works to find an answer.

What more can be done?

2017-05-12 08:37

It is in the interest of all to ensure that the escalation of anger is ameliorated by tangible evidence of inequality being reversed. Without this we can kiss reconciliation goodbye, writes Charles Villa-Vicencio.

Afrikaans churches plan reconciliation campaign in Soweto

2016-05-05 06:30

An Afrikaans church leader, who will be leading a mission to mark 40 years since the Soweto Uprising, says more white South Africans need to go back to where it all started in order to heal old wounds.

Interracial socialising is generally a trait of the wealthy - researcher

In 2003 only around 10% of South Africans said they interact socially with members of the other racial groups. In 2013 this number jumped up to 254%. However, research shows - thanks to the country's geo-political makeup - only South Africans in the higher LSM bracket mix with other races. Watch.

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SA is forgetting the nature of apartheid - researcher

New research shows South Africans are 10.1% less likely to agree that apartheid was a crime against humanity in 2013 than they were in 2003. Watch.

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