A new SA discovery shows the paleo diet wasn’t all meat – thanks to 170,000-year-old braais

2020-01-07 14:09

While they are edible raw, the rhizomes found are fibrous and tough until cooked.

Researchers calculated how much the average person would need to be paid to live a year without services like email and search engines. Here are the final numbers.

2019-10-14 15:06

The team of researchers found that free digital goods "provide substantial value to consumers even if they do not contribute substantially to GDP."

A rare jellyfish has quietly been eating other jellies at the Cape Town Aquarium, much to the excitement of the resident jelly scientist

2019-07-24 08:18

The South African jelly is so rare it has yet to be formally described and given a scientific name.

8 Harvard University students are in KZN for a unique HIV research internship

2019-06-20 17:07

Some of the world's brightest young health minds will be working under the supervision of senior HIV scientists to gain insight into combatting this global epidemic.

Watch: The fake sounds companies add to products to make you buy them

There's a reason your vacuum, car, potato chips, are way louder than they need to be.

0 comments8252 Views

There is even more evidence that there is no safe amount of alcohol consumption

2019-04-05 14:53

Blood pressure rises and stroke risk increases with every drink we have, according to a major new study from the University of Oxford.

A mysterious syndrome that makes dagga users violently ill is starting to worry US doctors

2019-03-26 08:44

A key driver of marijuana-related emergency visits to a Colorado hospital since dagga was legalised in the state was a mysterious syndrome characterised by severe nausea and vomiting called CHS.

Stanford scientists just gave us an unprecedented look at how well the Apple Watch detects heart problems

2019-03-17 09:26

The first results of the Apple Heart Study are in. They suggest the Apple Watch can detect heart problems like atrial fibrillation or afib.

Watch: These chicken eggs could one day fight cancer

It’s all part of their eggcelent idea to bring down the costs of producing protein-based drugs used for treating cancer.

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Urine and blood tests can reveal what you've been eating, new study finds

2019-11-13 16:45

Tests can now measure dietary intake accurately, which has long been a challenge for dietitians, physicians and researchers who used to rely on people to record their food intake themselves.

The surprising reason we close our eyes when we kiss

2019-08-02 12:34

No, it's not just because it's a little awkward to be staring directly into someone's eyeball.

Watch: Why cockroaches are so hard to kill

There are over 3,500 species of them.

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We gossip for almost an hour a day, study finds

2019-06-19 15:19

It also found that younger people tend to chinwag more than older adults.

Mind your own bias

2019-05-02 11:14

When it comes to choosing which companies to invest in, it’s important to remove your personal experience with said business from the investment process, advises investment expert Simon Brown. Not doing so can cloud your judgement.

The 5 deadliest habits to avoid as you get older

2019-03-30 19:25

A handful of activities can be truly detrimental to your health. In some cases, new studies have found a link between those habits and an early death.

Payment for participants taking part in research studies can lead to lies – study

2019-03-26 08:57

Payment is often used to get people to enrol in research studies, but the fact that they're being paid might encourage them to lie about their eligibility or other aspects.

Watch: scientists have mapped the great white shark genome that could help unlock the secrets of cancer

A research team has mapped the great white shark's genome and found the keys to why it heals faster and lives longer than humans.

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Big dogs may be smarter than small dogs, according to a new study

2019-02-04 16:59

Bigger dogs have better short-term memory and self-control than smaller ones. But their size has no impact on tests of social intelligence.

The most buzzed-about science findings of 2018 warned of a 'Hothouse Earth' and the dangers of alcohol. Here’s the full list.

2018-12-19 07:27

They outraged, fascinated, frustrated, intrigued, and changed the world.

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