These robots are fighting the coronavirus in China by disinfecting hospitals and making meals

2020-03-08 12:29

Robots are being used to spray disinfectant all over the city, but they've also been used to cook rice in hospitals and dispense hand sanitizer.

This robot 'dog' can climb ladders, a first for four-legged robots

2019-12-01 16:57

The robot uses a 3D camera, touch and force sensors on its claws, and a self-training neural network to scale ladders.

Watch: Engineers have built a Wall-E doppelgänger robot to make sure humans on construction sites are building to spec

2019-08-05 20:16

It could mean cutting down on fixing errors on site, which they say accounts for approximatly 20% of costs.

Nigerian 12-year-old, Fathia Abdullahi, innovates our wardrobes with a robot that folds clothes

2019-07-10 15:04

Folding laundry in a matter of seconds is an idea I like to hear.

Watch: an Irish university developed a robot to battle loneliness

Stevie II is the successor to Stevie, a prototype assistance robot initially designed to carry out menial chores in care homes like automatically reminding residents to take their medication.

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This giant dragonfly robot brought a huge smile to Jeff Bezos' face at his exclusive robotics event

2019-03-19 20:58

The footage appears to be from Jeff Bezos' exclusive robotics conference, MARS.

Watch: The jobs that robots will never be able to do

There are certain jobs that are safe from robot replacements. At least, for now.

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Watch: Chinese scientists have created a Terminator-inspired miniature liquid metal robot

A palm-sized prototype consists of a plastic wheel, a small lithium battery and a liquid-metal droplet.

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I, human: Why new blue-collar jobs will survive the rise of AI

2018-11-10 10:00

It’s hiring day at Rolls Royce’s jet-engine plant near Petersburg, Virginia. Twelve candidates are divided into three teams and given the task of assembling a box. Twelve Rolls Royce employees stand around them, one assigned to each candidate, taking notes.

Watch: A new lifelike child robot can talk about his feelings

2018-09-17 14:01

A Japan academic has invented a robot that looks like something straight out of a dystopian sci-fi film.


A robot named Little Peanut is delivering food to people in quarantine amid the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

2020-01-29 17:29

"Hello everyone. Cute Little Peanut is serving food to you now," the robot said according to a translation. "Enjoy your meal."

Take look inside Alibaba's high-tech 'hotel of the future,' which is run almost entirely by robots

2019-11-09 20:01

Alibaba Group opened a high-tech "hotel of the future" in China, run almost entirely by robots. Here's what it's like.

Watch: Meet SpaceBok, a hopping robot that plays ping pong

The robot may change how astronauts explore the Moon.

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A cute South African robot is helping to teach the next generation of engineers

2019-07-05 16:39

MiiA can do pretty much anything you set its mind to: driving, dancing and even playing ping-pong soccer.

Be wary of robot emotions: 'Simulated love is never love'

2019-05-02 16:30

Research has shown that people have a tendency to project human traits onto robots.

This 'origami' robot looks like a delicate flower, but is strong enough to lift a bottle of wine

2019-03-16 15:51

The MIT robot has an origami 'magic ball' skeleton, and is able to pick up delicate and irregularly-shaped objects.

Watch: A robot beats a human in table tennis

It can coach human players.

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Toyota wants to put a robot in every home and make it your pal

2018-12-27 14:42

Toyota has sold enough cars to put one outside every Japanese home. Now it wants to put robots inside.

WATCH: This robot can jump up stairs and over logs

2018-10-13 15:39

Robotics company Boston Dynamics released a video of one of its robots doing parkour. The Atlas robot, which is humanoid in appearance, jumps over a log and then hops up a series of platforms.

Activists urge killer robot ban 'before it is too late'

2018-08-28 06:49

Countries should quickly agree a treaty banning the use of so-called killer robots "before it is too late", activists have said as talks on the issue resumed at the UN.

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