Japanese clothing chain Uniqlo's robots have already replaced 90% of its human workers at its flagship warehouse, now they've cracked the difficult task of folding T-shirts

2020-01-02 18:24

Uniqlo's parent company has partnered with a Japanese startup that develops industrial robots to create a two-armed robot.

WATCH: A delivery robot that doubles as personal sidekick

2019-11-26 14:19

Its makers believe it's the future, but with a $3 250 price tag, who is ready to ditch their second car for this two-wheeled rover?

Would you trust a robot to operate on you?

2019-11-01 11:45

Robotics is the way of the future, says Dr Kabo Ijane, Africa’s first black robotic surgeon.

Study finds that employees don’t mind being replaced – as long as the replacement is a robot

2019-08-21 11:50

Who would you prefer to take over your job – robots or people?

WATCH: Robot uses machine learning to harvest lettuce

2019-07-08 20:21

A vegetable-picking robot that uses machine learning to identify and harvest lettuces has been developed by engineers. The 'Vegebot' was developed by a team at Cambridge University.

A creepily lifelike robot dog is finally going on sale later this year

2019-06-08 10:44

Boston Dynamics' robot dog, Spot, which has become famous for its lifelike movements, will become commercially available in a matter of months.

These are the industries most likely to be taken over by robots

2019-05-28 15:02

Bridgewater Associates recently highlighted a 2016 study by McKinsey & Company that analysed what industries are most susceptible to automation.

How 10 key emerging technologies are changing manufacturing

2019-05-21 06:00

Here's how 10 movers and shakers see manufacturing changing in the 4th industrial revolution.

So, a robot just joined the Board of Directors. What's your job description?

2019-04-16 05:00

Adaptability will be the way forward in a changing world, says Kumeshnee West.

WATCH: Why robots still struggle to understand humour

Alexa and Siri may tell jokes mined from a humour database, but they just don’t get them.

0 comments3290 Views

This robot 'dog' can climb ladders, a first for four-legged robots

2019-12-01 16:57

The robot uses a 3D camera, touch and force sensors on its claws, and a self-training neural network to scale ladders.

The world's largest cruise ship has a bar with robot bartenders. Here's how my margarita compared to one made by a human.

2019-11-10 20:49

The world's largest cruise ship features a lot of trippy amenities, like the Bionic Bar, which is staffed by two robot bartenders.

YouTube criticized after removing videos of robot fights for showing 'the deliberate infliction of animal suffering'

2019-08-21 21:29

YouTube told creators their videos were taken down for showing "the deliberate infliction of animal suffering or the forcing of animals to fight."

Robots are rapidly on their way to taking 20 million manufacturing jobs, wiping out a chunk of the global workforce

2019-07-13 16:00

Robots will displace 20 million manufacturing jobs worldwide, according to a new report from Oxford Economics.

WATCH: California police put Robocop on patrol in park

2019-06-20 20:38

A Southern California police force is welcoming a robot to the department. Huntington Park police say "HP RoboCop" will provide 360-degree high-definition video footage.

WATCH: Tiny robots to help nanoparticles deliver drugs through bloodstream

2019-06-01 09:08

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have designed a tiny robot that could help nanoparticles efficiently deliver drugs to disease sites.

A pair of googly eyes could radically change how people spend their money

2019-05-26 15:43

A simple pair of googly eyes could convince people to donate more money, according to at least one study.

WATCH: 10 robot dogs pull a truck in a slightly terrifying display of raw power

2019-04-17 05:40

Don't get too worried — these little guys aren't coming to pull your house away anytime soon.

Robots aren't taking our jobs; they're creating them – study

2019-04-13 09:34

More employers than ever – some 87% – are planning to increase or maintain headcount as a result of automation for the third year running.

WATCH: In Poland, robots in workplaces are there to stay

2019-03-20 11:27

Employers struggling to fill vacancies in Poland's tight labour market can now hire digital workers to do the mundane tasks humans would rather avoid.

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