The Epstein-funded MIT lab has an ambitious project that purports to revolutionise agriculture. Insiders say it's mostly smoke and mirrors.

2019-09-08 15:27

MIT Media Lab staff faked key elements of its "personal food computer" project, insiders told Business Insider. In one instance, staff were told to place herbs grown elsewhere into the boxes.

China found a mysterious 'gel-like' substance on the moon's uncharted far side

2019-09-05 14:29

Researchers have suggested the strange substance could be "melt glass," formed from meteorites crashing into the lunar surface.

14 world-changing innovations by women that were originally credited to men

2019-08-31 08:12

Believe it or not, female scientists are responsible for early sketches of the computer and the DNA double helix — but they often weren't given credit for their work originally.

In first, brain waves detected in lab grown mini-brains

2019-08-30 09:05

Scientists have picked up electrical activity in pea-sized, lab-grown brains for the first time, paving the way to model neurological conditions and answer fundamental questions on how our gray matter develops.

A woman caught a fish with two mouths and the photo is just as shocking as you would expect

2019-08-22 05:58

A photo of the fish has since gone viral.

An autonomous ‘SharkCam’ spied on basking sharks in the UK to reveal their secret shy lives

Scientists hope the images will reinforce the case for creating the world’s first protected area for basking sharks in this part of the sea.

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Watch: If Earth spun sideways, extreme winters and summers would doom life as we know it

If Earth's axis tilted to 90 degrees, extreme seasons would cause intense climate change on every continent.

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Lighting struck a man and indirectly injured 7 other people. Here's what happens to your body when it gets fried.

2019-07-23 11:39

On Sunday, lightning touched down at Clearwater Beach, Florida, injuring eight people. Here's what happens to your body when lightning strikes.

A 210,000-year-old skull found in Greece is the oldest modern human discovered outside Africa. It changes our timeline of human migration.

2019-07-10 21:19

Scientists think modern humans left Africa 70,000 years ago. But a 210,000-year-old skull in Greece indicates that some migration happened earlier.


Scientists have found fossilised baby sea turtle tracks for the first time ever off SA's Cape South Coast – and they're 100,000 years old

2019-09-07 09:14

The find was so new to science the researchers had to invent a new scientific term for the tracks, which they have coined “Marineropodidae” meaning “seafarer foot traces”.

Watch: Why mosquitoes are attracted to some people more than others

If you've ever felt that mosquitoes specifically target you more than your friends, you could be right.

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Watch: Here's why some scientists think Pluto should still be a planet

2019-08-30 17:38

Back in the '90s, most people took Pluto for granted. But fast forward to 2005, and then scientists discovered Eris, Pluto's twin.

The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant is closing for good — here's what happened on the day of the worst nuclear disaster in the US

2019-08-28 11:48

The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant is closing for good 40 years after the plant partially melted down — the worst nuclear disaster in the US.

Watch: Glaring at seagulls makes them less likely to steal your food

Worried about protecting your seaside chips from pesky seagulls? Scientists believe the answer lies in a good old-fashioned stare down.

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Watch: What humans will look like in 1,000 years

Chances are we'll be taller.

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Watch: More women are having babies in their 30s than in their 20s and studies suggest it's healthier in the long run

In 2016, for the first time ever, more American women had babies in their early 30s than in their 20s.

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A human-sized jellyfish with frilly tentacles has been caught on camera — the largest researchers had ever encountered

2019-07-16 09:25

Divers swimming in the English Channel near Cornwall came face-to-face with a barrel jellyfish about their own size.

Watch: India halts historic moon mission at final hour

India hopes Chandrayaan-2 will be first rocket to land on the Moon's south pole.

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A tagged Arctic fox shocked scientists when it travelled more than 4,000km — from Norway to Canada — in just 76 days

2019-07-04 13:33

Norwegian researchers published a paper on the fox last week, and said it was the fastest journey ever recorded for an Arctic fox.

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