Cape Town was just ranked the 5th most sex-obsessed city in the world – and the ‘sexy’ accent was key

2019-10-22 10:43

Cape Town is a melting pot for tantalising treats and intimate adventures.

The G-spot is a dangerous myth ruining women's sex lives, according to the doctor behind 'The Vagina Bible'

2019-09-23 18:24

Recent research suggests the supposed pleasure center doesn't exist. Believing that finding it results in great sex oversimplifies satisfaction.

What is scissoring? All about the sex position that actually works for everyone

2019-09-07 21:00

Did you know it's not just ONE position?

Expert tip on finding and staying in love - using emojis could be the secret to a long-lasting relationship

2019-08-30 13:53

According to this American study there is a hidden power behind the use of emoticons in your texts.

The first chlamydia vaccine could soon be on its way. The common STI can lead to infertility, chronic pain, and an increased risk of HIV.

2019-08-14 12:38

There are 1 million new STI cases globally every day, and many current antibiotics used to treat them are becoming antibiotic resistant.

What happens when parents talk to kids frankly about sex?

2019-08-03 15:00

According to a recent study, early discussions with kids about sex won't encourage them to become sexually active at a younger age.

Zodwa Wabantu just got an orgasm shot – and here are the pros and cons of getting one

2019-08-01 13:07

The O-shot is injected into specific areas of the vagina

8 of the weirdest sex injuries and the medical explanations behind them

2019-07-20 16:43

Sex can sometimes result in serious and bizarre injuries, like getting a wedding ring stuck on the penis.

Some urinary tract infections are becoming antibiotic-resistant, making them potentially deadly even for healthy people

2019-07-16 13:05

E. coli bacteria, which is often responsible for causing UTIs, has evolved so it can't be easily killed with antibiotics.

In Taiwan and Rwanda being unfaithful can land you in jail or with a hefty fine. Here are 19 cheating laws around the world.

2019-07-14 16:08

An affair can strain or break a relationship. But in some places, the repercussions can be even more serious.


More millennials are ditching the pill and turning to a controversial 'contraceptive' of choice - but is it a good idea?

2019-09-26 20:45

Research shows that younger women are slowly turning away from hormonal contraception and opting more and more for the 'pull and pray' method, for various reasons.

Would you stay for bad sex?

2019-09-20 14:30

That is the question...

10 reasons why you should be having more sex

2019-08-30 15:44

More and more studies are showing that getting intimate with your partner can boost your health.

How much sex is right for you and your partner?

2019-08-24 22:00

What constitutes 'enough' or 'a lot'?

The author of ‘Sex and the City’ thinks people no longer have the attention span for 'proper' 20-minute sex, and it's contributing to a sex recession

2019-08-12 21:33

When the author of the new book "Is There Still Sex in the City?" reentered the US dating scene in middle age, she experienced some shocking revelations.

'I feel sexually aroused when I am anxious – is this normal?' Our sex expert answers your questions

2019-08-02 07:10

There is a series of studies that looks at the relationship between anxiety and sexual arousal, says psychologist and Health24’s sex expert, Dr Despina Learmonth - who answers this, and more from concerned users.

Apple contractors working on Siri 'regularly' hear recordings of sex, drug deals, and private medical information, a new report says

2019-07-26 21:46

Apple contractors in charge of quality control for Siri, the company's voice assistant, reportedly "regularly" hear private, sensitive information.

Sex seems to be just what the doctor ordered for this debilitating condition, but there's a catch – only men seem to benefit

2019-07-17 21:00

Sex might improve the health of Parkinson's patients, but only for some – it only appears to apply to men, according to a new study.

Why older women have less sex: It's not as simple as you think

2019-07-14 21:30

A study has revealed a number of factors behind the reason for older women's deficiency in sexual activity.

WATCH: EFF's Julius Malema tells crowd at Durban July after-party to 'go to your rooms and have sex'

2019-07-08 13:33

EFF leader Julius Malema urged a room full of people at a Vodacom Durban July after-party to go to their hotel rooms and have sex with their waiting partners.

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