Smartphone addiction may shrink key areas of your brain in a similar way to drugs

2020-02-20 14:37

The new study suggests smartphone addiction doesn't just play out in people's behaviors, it's also reflected in their brains.

Here is the next fashion icon, Huawei’s nova 5T

2019-12-06 14:58

Huawei unveils its latest nova 5T smartphone featuring four rear AI-powered cameras, EMUI 9.1 OS, and the premier Kirin 980 Dual NPU AI chipset

Smartphones may leak more radiation than expected

2019-09-16 17:00

The investigation suggests that particular smartphone models may exceed radio frequency radiation safety limits.

Huawei reported a massive sales increase despite Trump's trade war crackdown

2019-07-31 08:22

Chairman Liang Hua said the US trade ban had impacted Huawei, but its effects were "controllable."

How your smartphone could make you fat?

2019-07-26 16:00

Researchers have discovered that people who use their smartphone for lengthy periods throughout the day are more likely to pick up weight because of their sedentary behaviour.

Scientists found that we're spending so long on our smartphones that it could be changing the shape of our skulls

2019-06-14 16:05

When we hunch over our phones, we put pressure on our lower skull. The body develops more layers of bone to deal with the extra weight.

I tested the Samsung Galaxy S10+ for 2 months and it made me question everything about my 'iPhone or nothing' mentality

2019-05-30 10:49

After using the Samsung Galaxy S10+ daily for two months, I found it to have a better camera, added useful features, and more space at a lower cost.

Samsung's wildly ambitious folding phone is a disaster for the smartphone giant — here's what happened

2019-04-23 06:14

In the span of a few days, Samsung's upcoming foldable smartphone went from promising concept to public relations nightmare.

Samsung's foldable screens fail in some early review models

2019-04-18 10:42

Some test models of Samsung's new foldable phone suffered defects after only days of use, casting a shadow over next week’s introduction of a $1,980 device meant to rejuvenate a flagging market and showcase the Asian company’s technology expertise.

This South African uses smartphone apps to make Pinterest-worthy illustrations – here’s how easily you can too

2019-04-13 12:32

A digital illustration is an easy way to make something personal and special for someone who’s far away, says South African illustrator Natalie de Bruyn.


Huawei says 'survival' top priority as sales fall short

2019-12-31 09:51

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei said Tuesday that "survival" was its top priority after announcing 2019 sales were expected to fall short of projections as a result of US sanctions.

Chinese Vivo cellphones are now on sale in SA for R1,900. Here are some of our favourite features

2019-12-06 14:33

The Y91C and Y11 phones have decent batteries and offer an AI face beauty camera filter.

How to let go of your smartphone and enjoy life

2019-08-02 15:28

Too dependent? Too addicted? Maybe it’s time you and your smart devices had a trial separation

How your cellphone charger could electrocute you

2019-07-30 15:29

If the electrical transfer from a cellphone charger isn't properly contained, unsuspecting phone users can end up shocked, burned and even hospitalised.

Too much smartphone time may invite host of health woes

2019-07-19 11:42

In a study, researchers were surprised by the number of overall impulsive and unhealthy behaviours associated with problematic smartphone use.

How to make great home movies with your phone

2019-06-06 09:50

It’s time for home videos to make a come back in a fresher, finer way. Here’s how to make timeless memories with your smartphone.

UBS surveyed 8,000 smartphone users around the world, and the results should worry Apple

2019-05-29 10:54

UBS surveyed around 8,000 smartphone owners and found the overall 12-month forward-purchase intent had fallen to the lowest level on record.

10 smartphone habits that are getting in the way of your success

2019-04-22 17:49

Spending too much time on social media and constantly receiving notifications could be hurting our focus, according to experts.

Is your smartphone making you fat?

2019-04-15 17:30

The findings of a new study suggest there might be a link between compulsive electronic multitasking and obesity risk.

Huawei's new P30 phone has a super-zoom that can capture individual hair strands

2019-03-26 16:29

We compared it to the Samsung S10 Pro and iPhone Xs Max

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