Vaping now tied to rise in stroke risk

2020-01-18 21:00

A new study found that if smokers were to switch to e-cigarettes, their stroke risk would not change.

It’s time for a new conversation to reduce smoking rates

2019-12-19 13:50

The burning of tobacco is responsible for the production and transfer of the vast majority of toxicants that experts agree are the primary cause of smoking-related disease. Combustible tobacco should therefore be subject to the strictest regulation.

Nasal swab could help gauge smokers' odds for lung cancer

2019-12-03 17:45

A nasal swab is meant to be a non-invasive means of separating high-risk patients from low-risk patients, by spotting signs of gene damage produced by long-term exposure to cigarette smoke.

Does parents' smoking raise future heart risks for kids?

2019-10-11 14:45

According to a new study, adults who grew up with smokers were more likely to develop atrial fibrillation, compared to those with non-smoking parents.

Medical scans show the damage vaping could do to your body, including blisters and lung collapse

2019-09-21 12:51

More than 450 cases of lung injuries, and six deaths, have been linked to vaping. Experts don't know why the devices appear to be so dangerous.

Could health warnings printed on individual cigarettes help people quit smoking?

2019-09-04 05:14

New research shows that health warnings printed on individual cigarettes are much more effective at reducing smoking.

China’s tobacco industry is building schools and no one is watching

2019-08-16 05:00

Would you send your child to a school named after a cigarette brand? asks Jennifer Fang.

British American Tobacco aiming at 70 million African smokers with Twisp deal

2019-08-14 18:22

BAT's acquisition of e-cigarette maker Twisp opens up the way for 70 million adult African smokers to switch to potentially reduced risk products, says BAT.

If you're receiving treatment for this lung abnormality, smoking may cause major interference

2019-07-31 19:30

A new study has found that a history of smoking may negatively affect the treatment of a specific blood vessel abnormality.

Global efforts to cut smoking show mixed results

2019-06-24 06:06

In a global analysis, a study found that while overall cigarette use declined, there were significant differences between countries.


Still way too much smoking in movies aimed at kids

2020-01-08 17:15

Two experts in curbing youth smoking in the US agree that the movie industry has been slow to change, and tougher measures may be needed.

How quitting smoking could lead to major changes in gut bacteria

2019-12-16 09:45

New research has shown that smoking is associated with a decrease in diversity in the types of beneficial bacteria living in the gut.

What is smoker's face and is it a real thing?

2019-11-11 11:45

Smoking not only affects our health, but can alter our looks as well.

Why young female smokers could be at much greater risk of a major heart attack

2019-10-07 18:45

One reason why women are at much greater risk of a major heart attack is that smoking may lower their levels of oestrogen, which has been shown to protect against narrowing of the arteries.

American schools are turning to 'vape detectors' to snuff out secret smokers

2019-09-14 09:37

Some of these devices can send alerts to school officials, telling them the precise location of smoker on campus.

When does heart health return to normal after quitting smoking?

2019-08-27 11:50

A new study has found that it takes 10 to 15 years before the heart disease risk of someone who quit smoking is similar to that of someone who never smoked.

Heavy smog as bad as pack-a-day smoking for lungs

2019-08-15 19:00

According to a new study, it doesn't take enormous changes in air pollution levels to see lung damage on CT scans.

Worried about coffee keeping you awake? You can relax – but alcohol and nicotine are the enemies of a good night's rest

2019-08-08 06:53

Coffee is notorious for being a 'sleep thief', but a recent study shows that having coffee within four hours of going to sleep doesn't significantly affect the chances of having a good night's sleep. Alcohol and nicotine, however...

Philip Morris is betting on e-cigarettes and new flavours as it feels the heat from Juul and KT&G

2019-07-30 12:38

The maker of Marlboro cigarettes wants to avoid getting smoked by its rivals.

Could smoking lead to this blood disorder?

2019-06-01 10:00

Smoking can increase the risk of many conditions, but did you know that it also has an effect on your blood? Here is how smoking can increase your risk of anaemia.

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