Binnelanders 12-16 August

2019-08-12 00:00

Okkie tries to support Ilse, although his timing isn’t great, and Tertius gets suspicious about the messages that upset Annelize. Jax tries to think of a way to help Annetjie, while Stefan tells René a secret. René tries to cover up her declaration of love, while secrets cause havoc in a relationship

Muvhango 5-9 August

2019-08-05 00:00

It seems as if Mulondo has plans for Vhutshilo, but what are they. Marang can’t shake of the feeling that there is imminent danger in James’ house. Vho-Mukondeleli fears that Azwindini knows of the insults hurled on social media.

Muvhango 29 July - 2 August

2019-07-29 09:56

Susan takes drastic measure to save her son, while Azwindini is not impressed. James and Marang realize that they are a target of someone who is seeking revenge. Vho-Mukondeleli is so pre-occupied by her health obsession, she forgets to do her duties.

Binnelanders 22 - 26 July

2019-07-22 00:00

Louis’s excitement is contagious, and old emotions don’t just flare up – it also gets the upper hand. Ingrid comes to a shocking realisation, while Stefan is disillusioned by the truth. Ethan becomes a pawn, and René shares the origin of her inner demons with Jax.

Muvhango 15 - 19 July

2019-07-15 00:01

Vhutshilo unflinchingly wants his money from Tenda, every Penny. Shumi walks in on Teboho breast feeding her baby. Nare realizes that KK has tricked him

Binnelanders 8 - 12 July

2019-07-08 07:55

The consequences of the gruesome night send shock waves through more than just one person’s life. Quinton and René are sceptical about their team mates, while At doesn’t agree with Elana about what should happen next.

Muvhango 1 - 5 July

2019-07-01 00:00

Tenda discovers Susan in his brother’s hospital room on her off day. Teboho takes Molalo by surprise with her reaction, when he receives news from Shumu. James is the voice of reason when sibling rivalry goes rife between Marang and Warona.

Muvhango 24 - 28 June

2019-06-24 00:00

Shaz’s devotion to Gizara is unconditional, however her presence intimidates the royal house. Dee’s dreams of becoming a Mrs Mudau are far from coming true. Warona’s presence and sense of adventure does not please everyone in Johannesburg.

Binnelanders 17 - 21 June

2019-06-18 08:09

Biance tries to wrap Steve around her little finger, while Magnus isn’t so sure about his convictions. Annelize tries to buy time, and Tracy is unscrupulous in her attempts to get a loan. Okkie and Renate are not very forgiving, while Bianca knows exactly what to say to install fear.

Muvhango 10 - 14 June

2019-06-10 00:00

Gugu pours her heart out to Seretse. There is a growing father and daughter relationship between Shaz and Gizara. Tenda’s uncertainty and the waiting are giving him a mini panic attack.


Muvhango 12-16 August

2019-08-12 00:00

Vhutshilo is ready to tell the sergeant how Tshamano died. James is expected to answer for Moliehi’s shooting. Sundani suggests that it’s time for Dee to go home.

Binnelanders 5-9 August

2019-08-05 00:00

Steve’s emotions lead him to the future, and Quinton and Jax are both worried about Tertius. Naomi has advice for Chanel about René, while Elana wonders about Steve’s suggestion. Jealousy is an ugly thing, and Chanel wants to handle her emotions the proper way.

Muvhango 22 - 26 July

2019-07-22 00:00

Azwindini finds out who really killed Tshamano. Shumi is rushed to hospital. Marang is convinced that James is breaking up with her.

Binnelanders 15 - 19 July

2019-07-15 00:00

A huge fight turns personal, while Louis supports a very stressed out Naomi in her hour of need. Jax hears the truth regarding René’s date, and At is caught off guard by Ingrid gesture.

Muvhango 8 - 12 July

2019-07-08 07:49

Tenda blames Susan for Tshamano’s death. Teboho worries over Shumi’s behaviour towards her new born baby. Warona convinces KK to listen to Nare’s business proposal.

Binnelanders 1 - 5 July

2019-07-01 00:00

Annelize realises who the lawyer is, while Danny and Katryn discuss the hijacking in private. In Jax’s attempt to broker peace with Tracy she sees something that she shouldn’t.

Binnelanders 24 - 28 June

2019-06-24 00:00

Naomi suspects Okkie is tense about Trudie, and Bianca is a sight for sore eyes. Tonik’s prices are adjusted, while Tertius is also beginning to think that Elana is losing her marbles. Katryn was involved in a hi-jacking, and a stern discussion on electricity consumption gets uncomfortable

Muvhango 17 - 21 June

2019-06-18 08:07

Imani realises that she might have made the biggest mistake of her life. The effects of Gizara’s health scare puts a strain on the family. Sundani is not impressed that Tenda is bringing Dee to the house.

Binnelanders 10 - 14 June

2019-06-10 00:00

Steve doesn’t want to leave Elana by herself, and a secret recording could do more than mean the end of a friendship. Elana accepts help, but the help has other interests. Okkie is suspicious of Trudie and Magnus, and the Winter Ball kicks off with an unexpected visit.

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