Anxiety, overeating and under-exercising - the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown on SA

2020-05-28 23:49

A recent poll shows that the Covid-19 pandemic and national lockdown are having serious negative psychological effects on South Africans.

Stressed and anxious new mom? These tips well help alleviate the pressure

2020-05-13 09:15

Follow these easy steps to help alleviate the pressure.

How to meditate: A guide to mindfulness meditation

2020-04-25 10:01

Meditation is a breathing exercise that works to reduce stress, improve focus, and contribute to a greater sense of well-being. Here's how to do it.

12 ways to cope with coronavirus anxiety, according to psychologists

2020-04-22 09:31

Anxiety about the coronavirus is normal. To manage it, control what you can, virtually connect with loved ones, and practice gratitude.

How to deal with life's uncertainty and the stress it causes

2020-04-14 17:16

If you've been feeling the stress of uncertainty, there are ways to deal with it: meditating, following a routine, and therapy can all help.

Here's how to feel less lonely during social isolation

2020-04-09 14:57

Feeling lonely can lead to chronic stress and inflammation, and potentially weaken your immune system. Here's what you need to know.

Losing a spouse could speed brain's decline

2020-04-04 11:30

A new study found that that, although it can't be proven, being widowed may well be a contributing factor in cognitive decline.

A parent's guide to fighting coronavirus stress

2020-04-01 08:45

Kids may display signs of increased stress if they're isolated at home with their families for a long time, which can increase frustration for the entire family.

How to deal with anxiety and loneliness during the Covid-19 outbreak

2020-03-21 09:59

Stress is to be expected when dealing with the coronavirus, which is driving many to self-isolate. Here are five tips on ways to stay calm.

Manage stress and anxiety levels in these 9 quick ways amid coronavirus outbreak

2020-03-17 12:08

Almost two weeks ago, South Africa confirmed its first case of the coronavirus and on Monday the healthy ministry revealed that the number of cases had increased to 62.


3 ways to cut through brain fog and stress onset by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to an expert

2020-05-27 15:27

Alain Hunkins has coached leadership at Walmart and Microsoft. He says upgrading these three daily habits will boost productivity and reduce stress.

Why you still need to take a vacation in lockdown — and how to make the most of it

2020-05-09 17:03

Taking time off from work when you can't travel, visit museums, or go out to eat seems pointless. But experts say it's even more important these days.

Managing and understanding stress in unprecedented times…

2020-04-24 13:41

Take control of stress today! The key is to find a way to manage or treat stress before it takes over your life and well-being.

Why am I having weird dreams? The science behind your dreams and how to manage them

2020-04-18 16:01

If you're having weird dreams, it may be due to anxiety, stress, or a change in your routine. Here's how you can better manage your dreams.

How to get better sleep with anxiety or stress, in 5 different ways

2020-04-13 12:58

Anxiety is closely linked with insomnia. Here's how you can get better sleep while you're feeling stressed.

Why you're having such vivid dreams in lockdown

2020-04-04 18:36

People have reported vivid dreams during the coronavirus pandemic. A sleep expert says both world events and people's schedules could explain it.

9 ways that stress messes with your body — and what you can do about it

2020-04-02 14:26

Chronic stress isn't just in your head — it can affect your entire body, from your head to toes.

Coronavirus news on social media stressing you out? Here's how to handle the anxiety

2020-03-26 20:45

'Breaking that endless loop of anxious anticipation' is key to handling anxiety and panic around coronavirus.

Social media, manic news reports and panic buying – How the Covid-19 hysteria is affecting my existing mental health issues

2020-03-17 16:33

For a long time, coronavirus was something I didn’t really worry about because it was so far removed from me and my daily routine.

Make neighbourhoods green for heart health? The idea is taking root

2020-03-15 13:00

Just living in a neighbourhood dense with trees, bushes and other vegetation may reduce people's risk of having a heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular events.

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